2014: A Great Year for Freelance Writers

Have you ever considered becoming a part-time or full-time freelance writer? Well, 2014 might be the right year for you, as the demand for online writers is stronger than ever. Driving this demand is the content marketing concept, which can be defined as the practice of promoting a product or service by creating and distributing … Read more

Get Access to 200+ Grammar Exercises and Quizzes

When we launched the DailyWritingTips Pro subscription six months ago, our main goal was to create a resource our readers could use to improve their English and writing skills. The feedback we received far exceeded our expectations, so it seems we are on the right track. The main part of the Pro subscription are the … Read more

Pro Exercise: Personal Pronouns

Since we launched Daily Writing Tips Pro, we received many emails from readers who wanted to know more about the exercises. That’s why we decided to release a couple of samples. Below you’ll find one: In each of the following pairs of sentences, choose the one that uses the correct form of personal pronoun. 1. … Read more

Announcing Daily Writing Tips Pro

When we launched Daily Writing Tips back in 2007, our goal was a simple one: to help people improve their writing skills. Over 2,000 articles later, we believe we have achieved that goal. Today, we are launching a new section called Daily Writing Tips Pro. Our plan is to provide more features and tools for … Read more

“Like” Serves Nouns and Pronouns, Not Verbs

Like is associated with various uncouth usages — “They were, like, all over the place”; “I was, like, ‘Really?’” — common in speech but easily avoided (except for comic effect) in writing, but many people are unaware that another widespread usage is considered improper in formal writing. As a preposition meaning “similar to,” like is … Read more

Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career

Have you ever considered making some money with your writing skills? If you have you’ll be pleased to know that our Freelance Writing Course is open for enrollment again. It’s basically a 6-week program that aims to give you all the information and tools you need to start a freelance writing career online. Here are … Read more

Enrollment to the Freelance Writing Course Closes Today

Today is your last chance to join the DWT Freelance Writing Course. Enrollment will remain open until midnight (GMT). The next edition of the course will take place only in mid-2013. Below, you’ll find what some of the past students had to say about the course: “What you supplied has far exceeded my expectations, both … Read more

The DWT Freelance Writing Course Re-Opens Today

Today we are re-opening the doors of the DWT Freelance Writing Course. It runs for six weeks (this being the first one), covering a wide range of topics related to freelance writing and making money on the Internet. Over 1000 students took the course in previous editions, and the feedback we receive is always very … Read more

Not Enrolled on the Freelance Writing Course Yet?

If you have not enrolled on the Freelance Writing Course yet, make sure to do it today, as the doors will be closing later today (at midnight GMT). We will open it again in the future, but probably not until 2013. Visit the official page, where you can get all the details and enroll. We … Read more

The Freelance Writing Course Is Live – Enroll Today!

The day has finally come. Our Freelance Writing Course is live, and you can enroll today. It runs for six weeks (this being the first one), covering a wide range of topics related to freelance writing on the Internet. If you like to write and want to explore the possibility of making money by doing it online, … Read more

June 5: Our Freelance Writing Course Goes Live

A couple of years ago, we noticed that the demand for online freelance writers was booming. The Internet was becoming the predominant medium for companies to reach their customers, and people were spending more time than ever online (instead of watching television, listening to the radio, and so on). That’s why we decided to create … Read more

The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2011

First of all happy new year to all the Daily Writing Tips readers! Rest assured we’ll keep sending you our best writing tips in 2012. Below you’ll find a compilation of the most visited posts we published in 2011. Make sure you haven’t missed any! 100 Mostly Small But Expressive Interjections 7 Grammatical Errors That … Read more