Get Access to 200+ Grammar Exercises and Quizzes

By Daniel Scocco

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When we launched the DailyWritingTips Pro subscription six months ago, our main goal was to create a resource our readers could use to improve their English and writing skills. The feedback we received far exceeded our expectations, so it seems we are on the right track.

The main part of the Pro subscription are the exercises and quizzes. Subscribers get a new exercise every day, and they also get access to the archive of over 200 interactive exercises that have been published already.

Here are some of the topics our exercises and quizzes cover:
-Pronoun Usage
-Confused Words
-Irregular Verbs
-Comma Usage
-If Clauses
-Compound Nouns
-Verb Tense
-Dangling Modifiers
-Colons and Semicolons
-Subject-Verb Agreement
-Quotation Marks
-Parallel Constructions
-Misspelled Words
-Idiomatic Expressions
-Prefixes and Suffixes

We offer a 15-day free trial, so you have two weeks to try everything out completely free, and only then decide whether or not the subscription is right for you. Click here to get all the details and join!

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2 Responses to “Get Access to 200+ Grammar Exercises and Quizzes”

  • Rebecca Higgins

    I would be interested in using this in the classroom. Are the exercises formative? Do they offer a score at the end and are the accessible at random? Is there a student price?

  • Barb Dennis

    Which is correct: “Users Manual,” “User’s Manual,” or “User Manual.” Is the word “Users” considered a mass noun where the possessive form is not required and is considered uncollectable? This usage has always made me question what to call the manual or guideline when compiling the document. I have seen all three titles.

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