Grammaz Quiz #8: Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses

In each pair of sentences below, choose the version that correctly indicates through word and punctuation choice whether an explanatory phrase is restrictive or nonrestrictive. 1. a) Smith is a spokesman for the US Army’s 800th Military Police Brigade that operates prisons in Iraq. b) Smith is a spokesman for the US Army’s 800th Military … Read more

Start a Freelance Writing Career in 2017

Every year more and more businesses discover the potential of the Internet, websites and social networks to generate leads, customers and sales. Every website or social media account needs fresh content, however, and that is why the demand for freelance writers keeps growing. If you like to write, this is a big opportunity. Today we … Read more

How to Make Money Freelance Writing Online

Until 15 years ago or so becoming a freelance writer was not an easy task. You had to get in touch with print magazines and newspapers, and you had to convince the editor that you were the right person for the job. The number of applications for each job was quite high, because the number … Read more

It’s A Great Time to be a Freelance Writer!

Technology certainly created a period of prosperity for writers all around the world. Before the advent of the Web making money as a freelance writer was relatively difficult, because you had a limited number of local publications to work with. Today, on the other hand, there are literally tens of thousands of publications online, on … Read more

Writing Contests and Competitions

This page will be updated regularly with the latest writing contests and competitions from around the web and the world! Make sure to bookmark it. If you are promoting a writing contest, or are aware of one that is not listed here, please send the details to [email protected] and we’ll include it here as soon … Read more

Join the Freelance Writing Course – 2016 Edition

Every single week we receive an email from someone asking when the next Freelance Writing Course will be offered, as we only run it once or twice a year. If you are one of those, wait no more! Today we are opening the doors to the 2016 edition (click here to get all the details … Read more

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We didn’t want to compete for attention with Walmart and company, so instead of running a Black Friday promotion we decided to run a Black February one! During the month of February we’ll be offering the Pro subscription with huge discounts. Check it out: Monthly plan: $4.99 per month (50% discount over regular price) Yearly … Read more

Last Chance to Join the Freelance Writing Course This Year

Every year more and more companies realize that having a strong online presence is paramount to their success. In order to build that presence they need to produce high-quality content on social media accounts, websites, blogs and online magazines. The result of this trend is a strong and growing demand for online freelance writers. If … Read more

5 Arabic Words in the News

An article in this morning’s newspaper contained the following Arabic words: bidoon djellabah Salafists Shiite Sunni “He was identified as a member of the country’s large stateless population known as bidoon.” 1. bidoon The word does not appear in either the OED or M-W. I found this definition in an article at PBS: Bidoon refers … Read more

Enrollment for the 2015 Freelance Writing Course Opens Today

As you probably know, once a year we open the enrollment for the Freelance Writing Course. It’s a 6-week program that aims to give students all the information and tools they need to get started making money writing online. The 2015 edition starts today. Here are the six modules of the course: 1. Writing Productivity: … Read more

Black Friday: Grab a Pro Subscription with 40% Discount!

As you probably know, last year we launched the DWT Pro subscription. As a Pro subscriber you receive our daily articles via email, with additional perks: 1. A daily English exercise. You may opt to receive the exercise in text format included with your daily email, or you may visit the subscribers’ area to go … Read more

Freelance Writing Course – Autumn 2014

Twice a year we open the enrollment for our Freelance Writing Course. The course is a 6-week program aimed at people who want to get started making money freelance writing online. You’ll get in-depth lessons on everything you need to know, including the tools and trade and the resources you can use to make your … Read more