The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2011

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First of all happy new year to all the Daily Writing Tips readers! Rest assured we’ll keep sending you our best writing tips in 2012.

Below you’ll find a compilation of the most visited posts we published in 2011. Make sure you haven’t missed any!

  1. 100 Mostly Small But Expressive Interjections
  2. 7 Grammatical Errors That Aren’t
  3. 100 Beautiful and Ugly Words
  4. 10 Latin Abbreviations You Might Be Using Incorrectly
  5. 100 Whimsical Words
  6. Should You Self-Publish?
  7. 50 Problem Words and Phrases
  8. 20 Classic Novels You Can Read in One Sitting
  9. Who Cares About “Whom” Anymore?
  10. How Spelling Diverges Between American and British English
  11. 10 Words That Don’t Mean What You May Think They Do
  12. 10 Comma Cases in Which More Is More
  13. 10 Pairs of Similar-Looking Near Antonyms
  14. 150 Foreign Expressions to Inspire You
  15. Is “They” Acceptable as a Singular Pronoun?
  16. 50 Redundant Phrases to Avoid
  17. 10 Intensifiers You Should Really, Absolutely Avoid
  18. The Other N-Words
  19. 7 Editing Pet Peeves
  20. 8 Steps to More Concise Writing

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2 thoughts on “The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2011”

  1. I’m a big fan of DWT, and love all of the tips and lessons provided. Something I would like a review of, though I’m sure its been covered already, is the proper use of the apostrophe. When is it used after the word it’s connected to? When is ignore? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Andy Brackett

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