June 5: Our Freelance Writing Course Goes Live

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A couple of years ago, we noticed that the demand for online freelance writers was booming. The Internet was becoming the predominant medium for companies to reach their customers, and people were spending more time than ever online (instead of watching television, listening to the radio, and so on).

That’s why we decided to create our Freelance Writing Course. The goal was to build a learning environment that would give people the information and tools they need to start a writing career online. The course runs for six weeks, covering the following modules:

1. Writing Productivity: This module is about becoming more productive as a writer, as your work habits will influence the amount of work — and income — you can produce.

2. Building an Online Presence: If you want to freelance online, you’ll need to develop your online presence — setting up a website, learning how to promote it, and so on.

3. Writing for the Web: This module explains why the Web is different from other media (such as books or print magazines) and how you can adapt to the differences to produce top-notch work.

4. Finding Clients: This module, probably the most important, will teach you about the art of finding clients and developing high-paying gigs over time.

5. Running a Writing Business: Although you’ll start as a freelancer, your ultimate goal should be to build a real business. This module explains how to start in that direction.

6. Social Media: This module explains how you can leverage social networks like Facebook and Twitter to find clients, network with fellow freelancers, and grow your business.

Over 700 students have enrolled in past editions of the course, and the feedback has been great. In fact, it’s that response, including the unsolicited testimonials we get, that motivate us to keep offering the course year after year.

Mark it on your calendar: Next Tuesday (June 5), the Freelance Writing Course will go live. Registrations will remain open for 72 hours only. Don’t miss out!

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18 thoughts on “June 5: Our Freelance Writing Course Goes Live”

  1. How much is it? Where do you enroll? The only link I found said: Enrollment Is Currently Closed: Class In Session

  2. I second that thought, price is a very real piece of “Pertinent and Need to Know information” especially when we are all suffering in today’s tight financial embrace.

  3. Overjoyed to learn about the freelance writing course. Just fulfills my heartfelt desire at this moment.

    “How much does it cost?” well anything, that is afford-ably worthwhile.

  4. … and the answer — with or without an envelope — to Louise Broadbent’s question is … ????

  5. What’s the difference, if any, between this and the Freelance X Factor course? (I also couldn’t find your pricing anywhere I searched the site, nor a “Sales” page.) And if you can use the course at your leisure, why is there an enrollment limitation?

  6. @Louise, it costs a one-time fee of $97. No hidden or recurring fees.

    @Alexandra, our course is more focused on the practical side of things. We’ll include a link to the sales page next Tuesday. Enrollment closes because the modules follow a specific schedule, and we also want to have the students synced so the discussions on the private forums are more engaging.

  7. I am in Scotland – as the exchange rate varies, can you confirm the cost in sterling, please?

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