2014: A Great Year for Freelance Writers

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Have you ever considered becoming a part-time or full-time freelance writer? Well, 2014 might be the right year for you, as the demand for online writers is stronger than ever.

Driving this demand is the content marketing concept, which can be defined as the practice of promoting a product or service by creating and distributing useful and relevant content that will attract the right audience in a natural way. In other words, instead of focusing on advertising campaigns to attract leads a company can create a blog or app with useful and relevant articles that will attract customers organically over time.

As more companies discover the advantages of content marketing, more freelance writers get hired to create the content that will attract those future customers.

If getting paid to write online content sounds interesting to you, make sure to check out our Freelance Writing Course. We run the course twice a year only, and today we are opening the doors for the first edition of 2014.

The course lasts 6 weeks, and the covered topics are:

1. Writing Productivity: This module is about becoming more productive as a writer, as your work habits will influence the amount of work — and income — you can produce.

2. Building an Online Presence: If you want to freelance online, you’ll need to develop an online presence. This involves setting up a website, learning how to promote it, and so on.

3. Writing for the Web: This module explains why the Web is different from other media (such as books or print magazines) and how you can adapt to these differences to produce top-notch work.

4. Finding Clients: This module, probably the most important, will teach you about the art of acquiring projects and developing high-paying gigs over time.

5. Running a Writing Business: Although you’ll start as a freelancer, your ultimate goal should be to build a real business. This module explains how to start in that direction.

6. Social Media: This module explains how you can leverage social networks like Facebook and Twitter to find clients, network with fellow freelancers, and grow your business.

Click here to visit the official page of the course where you can get all the details. Registration remains open for 72 hours only. Don’t miss out!

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