Last Chance to Join the Freelance Writing Course This Year

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Every year more and more companies realize that having a strong online presence is paramount to their success. In order to build that presence they need to produce high-quality content on social media accounts, websites, blogs and online magazines. The result of this trend is a strong and growing demand for online freelance writers.

If you like to write, you should definitely consider this opportunity. Our Freelance Writing Course aims to give you all the information and tools you need to start making money writing on the web, and we just opened the doors of the second edition of 2015.

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The course is divided into six modules. They are:

1. Writing Productivity: This module is about becoming more productive as a writer, as your work habits will influence the amount of work — and income — you can produce.

2. Building an Online Presence: If you want to freelance online, you’ll need to develop how you present yourself on the Internet — setting up a website, learning how to promote it, and so on.

3. Writing for the Web: This module explains why the Web is different from other media (such as books or print magazines) and how you can adapt to the differences to produce top-notch work.

4. Finding Clients: This module, probably the most important, will teach you about the art of acquiring projects and developing high-paying gigs over time.

5. Running a Writing Business: Although you’ll start as a freelancer, your ultimate goal should be to build a real business. This module explains how to start in that direction.

6. Social Media: This module explains how you can leverage social networks like Facebook and Twitter to find clients, network with fellow freelancers, and grow your business.

Over the past years, more than 1000 students have taken the course, and the feedback we receive is always fantastic. In fact, for many of those students our course was the start of a new career. Here’s what one of them said:

“I really enjoyed the course. The lessons were well structured and had realistic, yet challenging objectives to meet, and this helped me absorb the content of the lessons. There is a lot to pack into six weeks, but I view the course as a much longer term investment in helping me establish a writing career and brand to help with my overall success.”

The doors will close on Friday. Don’t miss out!

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