Misspelled Numbers, Months, and Days

Yes, these are elementary spelling words, but cruise the web and you will see them misspelled all over the place. NUMBERS forty the error is to try to make it match four ninety the mistake is leaving out the e MONTHS February the error is in omitting the first r DAYS Wednesday the error is … Read more

The Truth About “It’s”

The first article I submitted to DWT was on the error of writing it’s for its. I was too late. Michael (It’s or Its?) had beaten me to it. No doubt about it — the error of writing it’s for its is on everybody’s list of top ten errors that damage a writer’s credibility. So … Read more

English Spelling is Not Total Chaos

Daniel’s recent fun spelling test got me thinking about English spelling. Google “English spelling” and you’ll get 23,300,000 hits. Visit a few of the sites and you will be told how ridiculous, crazy, outrageous, cruel, and in-need-of-reform is English orthography. English spelling is more complicated than that of some other languages, but it’s not total … Read more

The Blogger Spelling Test

Bloggers do get a misspelled word once in a while (some bloggers more often than that, but anyway). If you want to test your skills you can try the Blogger Spelling Test. There are 15 questions with common misspelled words. Most of them are quite easy, just don’t run through the questions or you might … Read more

Advertising May Be Harmful to Your Spelling

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The United States has a government official called the Surgeon General who is the nation’s chief adviser in matters of health. One of the most famous to hold the job was Dr. C. Everett Koop, author of warning labels on cigarette packages.

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Spell Check Isn’t Foolproof!

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“But it can’t have spelling mistakes! I ran spell check!” I hear this quite often. While running spell check on your documents is very important, it certainly is not a foolproof means of making sure that your documents are error free.

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