Sending an E-mail Without Proofreading is Like Shooting a Gun Without Aiming

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For most professionals, communicating by e-mail is a part of daily life. E-mail is a very convenient way to communicate basic information to one or more people. Even though most professionals feel that e-mail makes their lives easier, there are also a number of complications related to e-mail usage.

When you press send on an e-mail message, you have transmitted what amounts to a permanent written record of your thoughts on a particular subject to another person. The other person is free to read your message, delete your message, or forward your message to any number of other people.

As any businesspeople who have ever found themselves in trouble over a little thing like a few shredded documents can tell you, having a permanent written record of your words is no laughing matter.

Of course, if your words are riddled with grammatical mistakes, misused words, poorly written sentences, and typographical errors your e-mail messages very well may become laughing matters. Your co-workers may be very entertained by evidence that your writing skills leave something to be desired.

It is a fact that people form impressions about your level of intelligence based on how you write. If you send e-mail messages that are full of errors to co-workers and clients, they are likely to form a negative impression of you.

Make sure to carefully proofread all e-mail messages before you hit send. Keep in mind that you know where you are sending your e-mail, but you don’t know where it might end up. A misfired e-mail message that is full of mistakes can shatter your reputation.

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