The Blogger Spelling Test

Bloggers do get a misspelled word once in a while (some bloggers more often than that, but anyway). If you want to test your skills you can try the Blogger Spelling Test.


There are 15 questions with common misspelled words. Most of them are quite easy, just don’t run through the questions or you might end up getting one wrong like I did, for my embarassment. 😉

Via: Fiasca’s Corner

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22 thoughts on “The Blogger Spelling Test”

  1. Hey Daniel,

    That’s a spiffy piece of linkbait that mingle2 created. I love it!

    Hmm, I only scored 87%. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a writing tips blog. 🙂

  2. You manage a blog called Daily Writing Tips and you only scored a 93%?? What is wrong with you!?

    Totally just kidding. There were a few of those I had to look at twice, I can definitely see how you could overlook some random stuff.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Daniel,
    You’ll be relieved to know that I scored the 100%, but I almost slipped up on “embarrassment.” Which would have been one!

    As a teacher, I never cared for the type of spelling test that requires students to look at misspelled words. I think such tests tend to reinforce incorrect spellings.

    I enjoyed taking this one, though.

  4. Daniel, the problem of some of those words is that spell checkers won’t catch the mistake.

    Like then/than or loose/lose. Both are correct words with different meaning. So make sure to proof read also after running the spell checker!

  5. I attempted to post the html code from my test here on Daily Writing Tips. That didn’t go so well, so I’ll have to resort to telling you how I scored.

    100% baby!! Yeah!!! Hooray for me!!! Yay!!!

    That just proves that I’ve been reading Daily Writing Tip. :-0

  6. Only 87% but I guess that it is decent as I’m not a native English speaker/writer. Luckily, I did nicely on my american college english test though. College level it was! 😀

    Anyhow, there’s always Apples automatic spellchecker. 😉

  7. 87%

    Not surprised. I really struggle with my spelling. Fortunately, my wife who is an excellent speller, reads most of my blog postings within a day or two of putting them out there. She keeps me straight.

  8. It’s definitely not definately.

    I’m absolutely sick of seeing the word definitely misspelled as definately on blogs and websites not to mention texts.

    Come on folks, at least make the effort. The correct way is ou thee of you really care.

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