Would You Like To Make Money Writing Online?

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One of the fastest growing segments online is freelance writing. As companies and organizations move to the Internet, they discover the importance of producing quality content, and as a consequence they start looking for freelance writers. For people who like to write, this is quite an opportunity.

The only problem is that getting started is not easy. You won’t know where to find writing jobs online, how to approach and handle clients, how to process payments and so on. That is why we are considering launching a course on Daily Writing Tips, covering all the aspects of online freelance writing.

The lessons would be produced by Ali Hale, one of our writers, who started freelance writing as a hobby a couple of years ago, and today is already making a full time income writing on the Internet.

Before going forward, however, we wanted to make sure our readers are actually interested in such a thing, and we created two polls to gather your feedback. The first one simply asks whether or not you are interested (if you are an email or RSS subscriber you might need to visit the website to cast your vote):

The second poll is for those who answered “Yes” or “Maybe” in the first one. We are currently considering two models for the course, and we wanted to know which one you prefer. Model one is an 8-week course, with a one time fee (e.g., $97), where you go through the course and that is it. Model two is ongoing thing, where you pay a monthly fee (e.g., $19) and every month you get access to new training material and to a private forum where you can interact with other members.

If you have any other suggestion or question feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks everyone!

Notice: Due to popular request we have finally released our Freelance Writing Course. Come check it out if you want to get started freelance writing online.

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16 thoughts on “Would You Like To Make Money Writing Online?”

  1. I’ve been a freelance writer of online material for more than 10 years and I’d like to offer some free advice: the only service that freelancers really need is getting connected with legitemate potential clients. Don’t get involved in all the other “services” that we don’t need or want. We know (or can figure out) how to put together a resume, how to bill our clients and how to spend our money. Just find us the clients and we’ll do the rest.

    Before you you jump into the “online writing for fun and profit” market, be sure you’ve taken a good, long look at the services already out there. There are some very sophisticated sites that will be tough competition. Although (in my opinion) most of them don’t work as advertised, they will force you to invest a lot of money in “bells and whistles” just to to look like you’re a real player. For example, check out Elance.com.

    P.S. I’m also a fiction writer and the author of 3 novels. Please visit for more information.

  2. I look forward to your course. It is a very interesting opportunity to get to know the online writing business.

    However, I prefer monthly fee rather than one time payment fee. Because, I am not absolutely sure if the course fits my needs. By subscribing monthly, I can have a look and decide.

    Thank you.


  3. I am commenting on the Freelance Writing Course that you may be offering (I sure hope you do!!). Would it be possible to offer both models?

    Thank you.

    Patricia Davis

  4. I would like to know how much feedback we would receive from the instructor. I am not excited about the idea of a forum since I have seen this to lead to a certain kind online bullying or bossiness from individuals who like to hear themselves talk. These people are very difficult to monitor.

  5. @Emily, you’ll free access to the instructor (and myself), both via the private forum and via email. The forum will also be private and closely moderated, so I don’t think we’ll have trolls around.

  6. It would be nice if both kinds of courses were offered. You could take the 8 week course, then possibly sign up for a month course here and there, where you felt you needed to polish your skills. It would also be helpful to get information on legitimate places to submit/work with.

  7. Hello everyone,
    I would like to know for how many months we have to pay and what this course will offer us.

    Thank you.


  8. I think you’ll have to really think outside the box for this one. The whole ‘be a freelancer’ market feels saturated at the moment and it’ll take a much different approach from the run of the mill to make it work.
    Best of luck – I watch with genuine interest.

  9. it is even harder now days because of the economy, but I guess is you think outside the box you will find plenty of gigs

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  11. I would be very interested in a freelance writing course but it depends on the quality and the cost. Everything seems terribly inflated in price when it comes to internet education and I have not found many to be worth the price, and unfortunately, most offer little that actually provide the ability to turn the education into a profit. Done correctly, it is much easier to educate online and yet the cost is usually easily 3 times the cost of a university course which is robbery as far as I am concerned. In short, I hope you can produce an effective and affordable program that allows aspiring writers to learn and hone valuable skills that may actually be profitable.

  12. I honestly liked your Web site. Pretty awesome enteries published above. Keep providing effective things. I personally would like to come to this kind of article once more.

  13. I would prefer a hard copy of the course or some type of online packaging that would include it in a single bundle. Thank you!

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