How would your life be if you could generate an extra $1000 or $2000 per month from freelance writing?

I've not always been a freelance writer.

When I finished college, I did what I thought was the "normal" thing. I looked for an office job, and found one in technical support. I knew it wouldn't be my dream job, but I didn't see any other option. Freelancing didn't even cross my mind.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I wasn't just bored - I was unhappy and stressed. I wanted to leave, and I started applying for other jobs – but I knew they would be more of the same, so nothing would really change.

Then one day I came across a website talking about freelance writing on the Internet.

The idea seemed intriguing, as I had always loved writing. I went on to read more about freelance writing, and decided to give it a shot.

I started contacting editors and applying for jobs, and within a couple of weeks I landed my first client. Then another one, and another one. Remember I still had my full time job, so I needed to get up before 6 am every day to get my writing done. Sometimes I would even stay up late to finish everything.

But guess what... I was loving it!

Writing for clients was more entertaining and rewarding than my day job...

And that's why I didn't mind the extra work-load. Sure, eventually I would need to stop doing either one or the other, but if I could choose I knew I would stick with freelance writing.

Long story short, I kept getting more clients and writing as much as I could, and within eight months I was generating a full time income from freelance writing. That is when I decided to quit my job.

Looking back it was the best decision I could have made. I went from being frustrated and stressed with my old job to waking up excited and eager to start working every single day.

On top of that I realized that the lifestyle you have as a freelance writer is priceless.

I can work from anywhere, any time, and choose the projects I take. In fact recently I turned one of my dreams into reality: I enrolled in a graduate school, and thanks to the flexibility of freelance writing I could study for my Master's degree and work at the same time. Some weeks I would work as few as 10 hours and still manage to pay all my bills.

Ah, and did I mention that being your own boss rocks?

But why am I telling you all this? Because I truly think that freelance writing is a great career or side-gig in case you just want to complement your income. If you like to write, you're certainly qualified to pursue it!

My 6-Week Course Will Give You All You Need To Start Making Money Writing Online

The beauty of freelance writing is that almost anyone can do it. All you need is a word processor, an Internet connection, and a passion for writing. You don't even need to be a great writer. As long as you can write clearly and without grammar and spelling mistakes, you are qualified for most jobs.

That being said, getting started is not easy. If you don't know where to find writing jobs, how to handle clients, what online tools to use and so on you'll probably never make a cent from your writing, let alone start a new career.

The goal of this course is to give you all the information and tools you need to make a smooth transition into your freelance writing career. Actually, the goal is to actually make you use that information and get moving in the right direction.

This is a practical course: You have assigned tasks from day 1!

The course is broken down into six modules (one per week). On each module you'll have access to lessons covering the key aspects of freelance writing and a set of assigned tasks. You probably will spend 10% of the time reading the lessons and 90% working on the tasks. This is to ensure you will take action and get results.

Below you'll find the content covered in each of the six modules of the course.

The 6 Modules of the Course

increasing your productivity

Week 1: Increasing Your Writing Productivity to Multiply Your Profits

If you want to make a living writing you'll need to learn how to write efficiently and prolifically. Fortunately there are many tips and strategies you can use for this purpose.

In the first module you'll learn:

  1. 10 tips and tricks you can use to beat writers block even when writing is the last thing you want to do.
  2. Why establishing a writing routine is vital for freelance writers, and how you can do it.
  3. The single writing principle that will radically improve your productivity.
  4. How to research, write and edit your pieces quickly and efficiently, to make sure you'll meet all your deadlines.
website setup

Week 2: Website Setup, Promotion and Guest Blogging

In the second module we'll cover the foundations that any online freelance writer should have. This involves getting your online presence (a website or blog) up and running, and learning how to promote it and land writing jobs as a result.

In the second module you'll learn:

  1. How to set up a website or blog easily and without spending a fortune.
  2. What sections you should include in your website to make sure it will support your freelance career.
  3. How to promote your blog or website effectively, driving hundreds of visitors to it every day.
  4. Why guest blogging is a must for freelance writers, and how you can land dozens of published guest posts.
  5. How to find blogs accepting guest posts, how to contact the owner and how to troubleshoot if things go wrong.
writing for the web

Week 3: Writing Content For The Web, A Totally Different Beast

Writing for the web is totally different from writing for print publications. In the third week I'll explain what those differences are, and how you can leverage them to get an edge over other freelance writers.

In the third module you'll learn:

  1. The seven principles of writing great web content.
  2. What a linkbait is, why it can be enormously profitable, and how you can write one.
  3. The single most important factor of online articles, and how to get it right.
  4. Why branding is essential for freelance writers, and how you can develop yours.
  5. The basics of search engine optimization, and how you can easily apply it to your writing if clients ask for it.
finding clients

Week 4: Finding Clients and Developing High Paying Jobs

The fourth module of the course is all about finding clients who will pay you for your writing skills. I'll explain where you can find them, and how you can structure your relationships to develop high paying gigs over time.

In the fourth module you'll learn:

  1. How to leverage your existing online relationships to find paying clients.
  2. Strategies to use job boards effectively to find writing jobs.
  3. What freelance job hubs are, and how you can use them to find more clients than you'll be able to handle.
  4. Content mills, and how they can complement your freelance writing income whenever you need extra cash.
  5. How to structure your client relationships and select the jobs which will keep your rates going up and up.
running a writing business

Week 5: Running A Freelance Writing Business Efficiently

If you want to take your freelance writing to the next level you'll need to treat it like a real business. In this section of the course I'll talk about the tools you can use for this purpose, and about the general business principles you should follow.

In the fifth module you'll learn:

  1. How to communicate with clients and deliver your work efficiently.
  2. The writing and business tools you can use to make your life easier, including online resources and websites.
  3. How to set and respect deadlines, which is essential for the success of any freelancer.
  4. The best way to receive payments online, and the tricks involved with using these services.
  5. How to handle invoices, contracts and related paperwork.
promoting with social media

Week 6: Using Social Media To Promote Yourself and Land More Writing Jobs

Social media is an essential part of any marketing plan these days, and as a freelance writer you simply must use it.

In the sixth module you'll learn:

  1. How to use Twitter, gain followers and build conversations that lead to paying jobs.
  2. How to promote yourself on Facebook, including the creation of fan pages and paid promotional options.
  3. How to use LinkedIn to establish yourself as an expert and network with potential clients.
  4. What social bookmarking sites are, and how you can use them to promote your work and charge clients more.

And There Is More... I Have Some Exciting Bonuses To Give You Right After You Join

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Bonus #1: "100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid"

One of the fastest ways to improve your writing skills is to free yourself from the most common English mistakes: things like exchanging less with fewer, misspelling its as it’s, using myself when you should use me, or placing commas where they are not supposed to be. This book will clear up 100 common mistakes for you, including grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage errors.

image description

Bonus #2: "Basic English Grammar"

Understanding the English language parts of speech (e.g., nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions) and the grammar rules for using them is essential for writing clearly and effectively. This ebook aims to provide a refresher about those concepts, in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Inside you'll also find special cases and examples to illustrate the points made and to make common confusions clear.

image description

Bonus #3: "Make Money Blogging"

Written by Daniel Scocco, founder of Daily Writing Tips, this ebook covers everything you need to know to create a successful and profitable blog or website. As a writer, you'll be able to use the techniques explained here to make money with your blog, as well as to use your website to promote your writing services and land more clients. If you want to make money writing online, this book will put you in the right track.


You Have 60 Days To Decide If
The Course Is Right For You, And
If It's Not I'll Refund 100% Of
Your Money, No Questions Asked.

You've read that right. My course lasts 6 weeks, and yet I am giving you an 60 days money-back guarantee. How come? Because I want you to take the whole course and only then decide whether or not it's right for you.

I am sure that within the 60 days you'll find that your freelance writing career is on the right track and that the course was well worth the money you paid for it. If for any reason you don't share this opinion, however, just send me an email and I'll refund your payment on the same day.

8th Anniversary Promotion: Join now for a Single Payment of $29

I am 100% confident that with the lessons and tools from my course you will get started on the right track to a freelance writing career (be it a full-time career or just a side gig to complement your income). In fact, I can guarantee that if you follow the steps on the lessons you will recover your investment before the end of the course! If you don't, simply send me an email and I will honor the money back guarantee and refund your payment. What do you have to lose?

In order to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the course we're offering it for the promotional price of $29. Join before it ends!

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Got Questions? I Have Answers

Are there any requirements to join? What if I am not a great writer or don't have technical skills?
The only requirement is to like writing. You don't even need to be a great writer. As long as you like to write and know the basic grammar rules you are already qualified for most jobs. In fact you also don't need any technical knowledge whatsoever. As long as you know how to browse the Internet, how to send email and how to use a word processor you are good to go.
When exactly does the course start, and when does it end?
The course is individual. The first module will be available to you right after you join. After that, every 7 days a new module becomes available, until you complete all modules within 6 weeks.
What happens after the course ends? Do I lose access to the material?
When you join the course you basically get a lifetime member account, and your access to the members area will not expire. This means you'll be able to refer back to the lessons and other materials whenever you want, and you can also download them if you prefer.
How much time do I need to have available to follow the course?
We estimate you will need 1 hour per week to read the lessons and at least 4 hours to complete the assigned tasks. There's nothing to worry about if for some reason you can't follow the course as planned. As explained above, when you join the course you get a lifetime member account, so your access to the members area will not expire. This means you can follow the course at your own pace if you prefer.
What is the format of the lessons? Do I need to be online at specific times?
The lessons are delivered in text format, so you can read them inside our members area, whenever you prefer. Each week a new module becomes available with four or five lessons and the respective assigned tasks. I opted for this format because it's more flexible, and it doesn't force the members to be online at one specific time.
What if I have questions about the lessons or other parts of the course?
Both the instructors, Daniel and Ali, will be available 24/7 via email. You'll be given an email address where you can reach us, and we'll reply to your questions promptly.
What payment methods are available?
You can pay with any credit card. We use Stripe to process payments, which makes it 100% secure since we never have access to your financial information.

Best wishes,
Ali Hale