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By Daniel Scocco

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Whether you are an attorney, a manager, a student or a blogger, writing skills are essential to your success. Even more if we consider the rise of the information age, where people are surrounded by e-mails, wikis, blogs and the like.

On this fast paced environment, however, it is also difficult to find the time to hone our writing skills. With that problem in mind we decided to create Daily Writing Tips, a blog where you will find simple yet effective tips to improve your writing.

Our team is composed of online publishers, professional writers and English teachers, so that you can trust our daily tips! Here is a list of the topics we will be covering:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Misused Words
  • Copywriting
  • Fiction Writing

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10 Responses to “Welcome to Daily Writing Tips!”

  • Vivek Parmar

    thanks a lot as english is not my mother tongue and as a blogger i need much more command on english, thanks for opening such a good protal for me

  • suminta

    how can i speak English fluently and without any hesitation

  • Dogyal

    What do I write. Each time I start it just winds up looking like a page from my diary and there is hardly anything to write about. “I got up,had my breakfast,went to work…etc. etc. etc….” I desperately want to write but I dont seem to be able to write anything at all !

  • Arun Pal Singh

    Nice website. I am trying to develop a website on similar line. I have added yours to my blogroll

  • Nawal

    how can I improve my witing.
    I wite every day but my writings are always the same

  • seble

    Well one day I hope I will be professional but how it will come. Hope by your site.


  • Manisha

    What to speak. I dont know exctly.

  • Mikey Leung

    Cheers for this site, I’m finding it very useful for myself and others who ask me about writing. I’ve added it to my feeds already!

  • twoluvcats

    please please please turn on full feeds for your RSS so we don’t HAVE to click thru to the site to read. Those sites that don’t are not long for my RSS reader. Plus, Feedburner believes it does not impact true site traffic. I tend to agree.

    thank you!

  • twoluvcats

    ooo *sheepish* and then i got further into the feed and see that it changed to full feeds…ignore previous comment. THANK YOU!

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