Important News for Free Email Subscribers

DailyWritingTips started in 2007. Right after that we launched a free subscription to our content. Three years ago or so the free subscription was substituted by a paid, more complete subscription with exercises along with our writing tips (which allowed us to remove ads from the website).

Despite the launch of the paid subscription we decided to grandfather 100,000 or so subscribers of our free subscription for as long as possible. Unfortunately, we will be forced to discontinue it on August 2021.

The free subscription is delivered via a free service provided by Google called Feedburner. Recently Google announced (as you can see on the image below) that in mid August the email subscription part of that service will stop working. This, in turn, will stop our free subscription.

Changing to another email service provider is not an option at the moment, as the cost of sending more than 2 million emails per month would be prohibitive. For the past three years or so we have been running with no ads on the website, being supported only by the readers who pay for the premium subscription.

All our content and writing tips are and will always be freely available on our website, so you can still visit it whenever you want. For those who wish to keep receiving the writing tips via email, we invite you to consider our paid subscription, which costs only $29 per year and also includes interactive exercises. You can subscribe for the premium subscription here.

Thank you for your understanding and for being a reader!

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  1. Fair enough. I’ve assuaged my free-sub guilt by buying Maeve “The Faberge Flute,” published earlier this year. Maybe I’ll come all the way around and subscribe to DWT – I’ve certainly enjoyed it over the years. Thanks!

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