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Over the past month we have been rolling out a new design on Daily Writing Tips. The goal was to make the layout cleaner and to optimize the visualization on mobile devices. Now you can visit our website with any smartphone, tablet or computer, and the layout will adapt itself automatically to your screen size and resolution.

In addition, we have implemented some server optimizations that should reduce the load time of our pages. This improvement will ensure that users on low bandwidth connections will have a pleasant experience on the site. 

The rollout is complete, but if you find anything that is not working as intended, please let us know. If you’re an email subscriber and have not visited the website in a while, come on over and check out the new design! 

Pro Subscription
The new site improvements also benefit Pro subscribers because the resources offered inside the members’ area have been optimized for mobile devices. Pro subscribers can go through the interactive exercises on any smartphone or tablet now. This is a great way to review previous exercises and quizzes in the Pro archives.

If you’re not a Pro subscriber, you are missing out! Here’s what you get as a Pro subscriber:

  • Each day’s complete writing tip in your electronic mailbox.
  • A daily exercise with explanations of a basic concept related to English grammar, diction, or punctuation.
  • Access to an archived collection of 300+ interactive exercises and quizzes to test your understanding of standard English usage.

Click here to start a free trial of the Pro subscription.

Social Media
You may not be aware that Daily Writing Tips is present on the most popular social networks.

You can visit us at Facebook.com/DailyWritingTips. “Like” our fan page to receive alerts on your Facebook account whenever we publish a new article.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@writing_tips) to receive daily updates.

Daily Writing Tips appears on several lists that feature the “best websites for writers.” We’re proud of our contribution to the language blogging community. And we’re proud of our updated new look. We hope you like it too.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Tips is Now Mobile Friendly”

  1. So just to make sure I understand, there is not a way to continue subscribing to JUST the Daily Writing Tips anymore? I either have to subscribe to the Pro Subscription, or I have to just come out to this web site to read the tip each day?

  2. I’ve always liked the appearance of this site, but it’s even better now, with all the references on one side. Good job.

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