Vocabulary Quiz #13: Commonly Confused Words

In each sentence, choose the correct word from the pair of similar terms. (If both words possibly can be correct, choose the more plausible one.) 1. Mozart was a musical ______ who gave his first concert at the age of four. a) prodigy b) prodigal 2. None of the freshmen wanted to room with Felix … Read more

Grammar Quiz #18: Who vs. Whom

In standard English who is used as a subject or a predicate nominative. Whom is used as an object (direct, indirect, object of preposition, etc.). Compounds, such as whoever and whomever, follow these same rules. Choose the correct form to fill the blank in each sentence. 1. ______ did you choose to serve on your … Read more

Grammar Quiz #17: If Clauses

The type of “if” clause known as “first conditional” is used to express a condition that is possible and even likely to be fulfilled in the future. The most common verb tenses used with this type of conditional statement are simple past in the “if” clause and future tense in the other clause. It does … Read more

Vocabulary Quiz #12: Commonly Confused Words

In each sentence, choose the correct word from the pair of similar terms. (If both words possibly can be correct, choose the more plausible one.) 1. If we rise early enough, we can be ______ down the road by noon. a) farther b) further 2. Is there anyone ______ me, who wants to volunteer for … Read more

Vocabulary Quiz #11: Diction

Diction is word choice. A word that is suitable in conversation or informal writing may lower the tone of writing intended for a general audience. Assuming that all of the following sentences are intended to be heard or read by a large general audience, choose the more appropriate word for each sentence. 1. The CEO … Read more

Punctuation Quiz #23: Hyphenation

Choose the sentence in which the compounds are hyphenated correctly: 1. a) Sometimes he behaves like a five-year-old child. b) Sometimes he behaves like a five year old child. 2. a) Treatment for cyanide poisoning includes a small inhaled dose of amyl nitrite, followed by intravenous sodium nitrite, followed by intravenous sodium thiosulfate. b) Treatment … Read more

Grammar Quiz #16: Possessive Adjectives

In the following sentences, choose the possessive adjective that agrees in number with the noun or pronoun to which it refers. 1. Only one of the children picked up ______ certificate. a) his b) their 2. All of the beauty candidates showed ______ best smile. a) her b) their 3. We all expected each contestant … Read more

Vocabulary Quiz #10: US Slang

As a result of the popularity of police drama in U.S. entertainment, many words associated with criminal activity have become common in general usage. Edit the sentences below replacing the slang term with the appropriate standard English word. 1. The movie was about a notorious train heist that occurred in the 1960s. 2. Come on, … Read more

Grammar Quiz #15: Personal Pronouns

Choose the correct pronoun to fill the blank. 1. Neither Bill nor _______ showed up for the concert. a) him b) he 2. The boys brought _______ girls flowers that they’d picked in the meadow. a) us b) we 3. Just between you and _______ let’s not repeat the rumor that’s going around. a) me … Read more

Punctuation Quiz #22: Introductory Phrases

An introductory adverbial phrase is often set off by a comma, but the comma can be omitted if no misreading will result. Short adverbial phrases do not always need a comma. The following sentences are written without punctuation. Insert a comma if you think one is needed. 1. After hearing the news the woman fainted. … Read more

Grammar Quiz #14: Irregular Verbs

Choose the verb that fills the blank most appropriately. 1. No sooner had the family spread out their picnic, than it _______ to rain. a) began b) begun 2. When I saw the look on Zack’s face, I knew he had _______ his promise. a) broken b) broke 3. At the signal everyone _______ and … Read more

Vocabulary Quiz #9: Formal Communication

Rewrite the following sentences to reflect the vocabulary expected in formal communication. 1. The clinic specializes in the treatment of kids 4-12. 2. He should of known that Jackson could not be trusted. 3. Hodges was terminated for insubordination, but Hodges says he was going to resign anyways. 4. The company is going to move … Read more