Word of the Day: Pedantic

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Pedantic (pə-dăn’tĭk) is an adjective that represents an excessive concern for precision and formal rules. It can also refer to the ostentation of knowledge.

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Word of the Day: Parsimony

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Parsimony comes from Latim parsus, which is the past participle of parcere (to spare). Parsimony indicates an excessive care with the spending of money. A synonym for parsimony is frugality.

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Word of the Day: Oblivion

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Oblivion comes from Latim oblivio (to forget). It means the state of being completely forgotten. If something is in oblivion, people forgot about it, or are totally unaware of it.

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Word of the Day: Idiosyncrasy

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Idiosyncrasy comes from the Greek: idios “one’s own” and sun-krasis “temperament” or “mixture.” Idiosyncrasy is a peculiar habit or characteristic of an individual or group. It can also refer to mental and physical characteristics. Below you will find examples of the usage.

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