Word of the Day: Parsimony

By Daniel Scocco

Parsimony comes from Latim parsus, which is the past participle of parcere (to spare). Parsimony indicates an excessive care with the spending of money. A synonym for parsimony is frugality.

Childhood in beautiful Shropshire and Cambridge was clouded by her parents’ unhappy marriage, her mother’s compulsory detention in a mental institution and her father’s parsimony. (NY Times)

Hokuetsu had recently invested a great deal of money in new equipment, at a time when Oji and Nippon Paper, after years of parsimony, needed fresh equipment too. (The Economist)

2 Responses to “Word of the Day: Parsimony”

  • Daniel

    Got it! Will include those from the next one onwards.

  • Dave

    Pronunciation keys for words of the day would be a useful addition.

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