I Said Jerry Rig

All I did was ask him if he wanted me to jerry rig his shower curtain, but he looked at me like I’d asked him something really inappropriate. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten confused or blank looks when I’ve used the term “jerry rig”, which is a shame, because I’m a very good … Read more

Writing Dialogue In Accents and Dialect

“W’en old man Rabbit say ‘scoot,’ dey scooted, en w’en ole Miss Rabbit say ‘scat,’ dey scatted. Dey did dat. En dey kep’ der cloze clean, and day ain’t had no smut on der nose nudder.” Uncle Remus – A┬áStory About Little Rabbits, Joel Chandler Harris. We have a long literary tradition of writing dialogue … Read more

Kiss Anyone, Just Not the Gunner’s Daughter

“A kiss is just a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one.” – Unknown Kissing is a very ancient and widely spread means of greeting and showing affection. Kissing conjures up sweet images of romantic embraces or familial love. One imagines kissing a loved one, a child, a family member. Yet apparently, according … Read more

A Little Fox Never Hurt Anyone

We all know that good looking women are described as “foxy”. But foxes, with their rusty color and reputation for craftiness, can be used in many other colorful, unique, and descriptive expressions. For example, “A fox’s sleep” is when one feigns indifference while keeping a close eye on someone. “A wise fox will never rob … Read more