Word of the Day: Taxonomy

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Taxonomy is the science of classification. It can also mean a systematic approach to arrange or classify a group of objects. Finally, sometimes taxonomy is used as a synonym to biology, the science that classifies animals, plants and organisms.

Scientists at several Australian museums have begun the complex process of working with the samples for genetic barcoding and taxonomy, the formal system of naming living things. (USA Today)

Market research generated four times more, and solution spotting seven times more successes than failures. But the clear winner in the innovation stakes was “taking advantage of random events”, which generated 13 times more successes than failures. Such a taxonomy is clearly a powerful tool for predicting winners. (The Economist)

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  1. In the late 1980’s the community working on defining and refining the Ada programming language created a working document with the lyrical title of something like _A Canonical Taxonomy of Runtime Environments_. It was a guideline for evaluating Ada runtime environments.

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