Word of the Day: Synergy

By Daniel Scocco

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It would be difficult to open a business book or magazine would coming across this term. Synergy (sĭn’ər-jē) refers to a situation where the combined output of two parts is larger the the sum of their individual outputs. That is, when two plus two equals five. Businessmen often justify mergers or acquisitions with synergies that will emerge from the combined companies.

But in fact hard evidence for the synergies that such deals are supposed to bring is scarce. (The Economist)

This is a natural synergy that really ought to be part of how we approach curriculum design in these two fields most of the time. (Washington Post)

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7 Responses to “Word of the Day: Synergy”

  • Ruquayatu Abdullah

    please, i would appreciate it if this site can help me enrich my spoken and writing in english language.

    Thank you.

  • Daniel

    It does, keep reading!

  • Patrick

    Another way to remember it:

    synchronized + energy = synergy.

  • Iso

    Combined action or operation; a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts).

  • smarty_o1

    am grateful to be introduced to this wonderful site.
    just the one i always dreamed about.

    today i was going through the ‘word of the day’ section.

    the word ‘Synergy’ caught my attentioon, a word which was always elusive to me. there is an editing error. please replace ‘would’ with ‘without’ in the first line of the text.

    if some one can explain lucidly the words ‘ontology’, ‘epistemology’ and ‘metaphysics’!

    thanks once again.

  • rafiq kakar

    hellooo first of all hope you are fine and doing well .so please helpe me to learning english so my english is alittle weak ..

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  • rafiq kakar

    hellooooo try to helpe me to learn english

    love to hear soon

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