Word of the Day: Prowess

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Prowess refers to bravery and valor, especially inside the military context. It can also be used more broadly, meaning a superior skills or ability. It comes from the French prouesse.

At the Asian Art Museum, ‘Lords of the Samurai’ glimpses the warrior-aesthetes who combined martial prowess with cultural attainment. (LA Times)

Some commentators have assumed that the prowess of Japanese companies in acquiring foreign companies will mitigate the overall downturn at home. (Business Week)

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1 thought on “Word of the Day: Prowess”

  1. This is a very powerful word. I would only suggest that a pronunciation line be included in the word before the meaning(s) so one can learn how to pronounce it properly. Sometimes, it is easy to write a word, but difficult to pronounce it. I think the combination of the two will leave a mark on a reader to use or write the word more often.

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