Word of the Day: Minion

By Daniel Scocco

Minion, used as a noun, means a subordinate or servile follower of another person. It can also mean a highly esteemed one. Used as an adjective minion means pretty or dainty.

For it was pity that blasted the life of a certain British Milquetoast named Arthur Rowe, pity that lured him between the tiger-smooth paws of Hitler’s minion. (NY Times)

As Meryl Streep’s high-strung minion in “The Devil Wears Prada,” Blunt delighted critics and audiences alike with her arch one-liners and eye shadow for miles. (LA Times)

2 Responses to “Word of the Day: Minion”

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve heard the phrase, “The minions of heaven” and wonder what that means… Any help? I’m thinking the servants (like angels or?). Any thoughts?

    Thank you

  • S.Blankstein

    “Used as an adjective minion means pretty or dainty.” – don’t you need a comma before “minion”?
    Thank you.

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