Word of the Day: Hustle

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Hustle means to work energetically, to push, or to be aggressive in certain endeavors (e.g., playing a sport or conducting business). When used with a subject it means to urge, coerce, push or force to move (e.g., hustle something out of the way).

They had a second, stand-by offense ready to rush to the line after each practice play, forcing the regular Dallas defense to hustle and make snappy personnel replacements. (NY Times)

He embraces the persona of the guy from the streets who had to hustle his way to the top, the little guy — 5-foot-6 at most — who couldn’t rely on innate genius to get his famous shots. (LA Times)

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2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Hustle”

  1. Hustle is also a colloquialism for an illegal or shady deception perpetrated on an unwitting victim.

    And I think there is a song about a dance called “The Hustle”, too.

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