Word of the Day: Hermetic

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Hermetic is an adjective, and it is used to described something made airtight by fusion or sealing. It can also be used more broadly to indicate anything isolated from external factors. The adverb is hermetically.

Inside the somewhat hermetic Basque community here, which mixes at its own social club and at a handful of small restaurants like Bar Basque and Urrutia, which offer specialties like Txistorra sausages and Txakolí wine, the indictment has brought uncomfortable attention. (NY Times)

Israel will develop anti-artillery and tunnel-detection technology to insure that the quarantine is hermetic. (The Economist)

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8 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Hermetic”

  1. All this time I’ve been reading your DailyBlogTips, I just realized you have DailyWritingTips too. Oh well! At least I found it! This is a great resource! “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. -Benjamin Franklin”

  2. I find your Daily Writing Tips a very useful resource — and it always provides an interesting five minute break from the usual slog. It’s also great that I can use your website as a ‘go to’ resource for any editorial conundrums. Thanks for the hard work and please keep it up!

  3. in the first line of the above text i find “it is used to described ” is it ok?
    I’m Italian and I’m trying to improve my English! Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  4. In the first line of the above text i read “it is used to described”, is it ok?
    I’m Italian and I’m trying to improve my English. Please let me know!
    Thank you.

  5. Just FYI, “hermetic” finds its origin not in the god Hermes, but Hermes Trismegistus (Wikipedia has a whole slew of info). Popular use of “hermetic” is, as the article suggests, restricted to a hermetic seal, although HT is associated with alchemy and writings.

  6. I’ve seen this word a couple of times before, but, being the lazy person I am, looking it up on a thesaurus (I’m Greek but I find thesaurus much more helpful than a simple dictionary) never even crossed my mind before because it kinda sounds like one of those extremely professional words people use to sound intelligent. I had to read its meaning here to finally figure out why it had looked so familiar back then… it’s almost exactly the same word in Greek! So, Hermetic actually means ερμητικός (hermetik’os) and I had not noticed that before even knowing the ancient myth that AstroGremlin wrote above.
    Wow. Am I awfully absentminded or what? I will definitely pay more attention from now on, though! So, thanks for making this word Word of the Day.

    *Oh, and, yeah. You got a typo up there. If you could perhaps correct it so that we’ll stop complaining… *sheepish smile*

  7. The word “Hermatic” which comes many instances and also the way of described word for viewers too good. This is a great resource! “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing……

    Smile :-)) Palaniappan Chinnappa

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