Word of the Day: Bilk

By Daniel Scocco

Bilk is a transitive verb which means to cheat, to elude or to evade payment. It can also be used as a noun, where it means either a person who cheats or the cheat itself.

O.K., not the exact same thing. My stepfather isn’t crafty enough to bilk people out of $65 billion. He got away with only a little more than $4 million. But he used the same pickpocket routine as Madoff. (NY Times)

The incentives were more complex than to bilk shareholders by betting the ranch every time. (The Economist)

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  • KS

    Huh? Oh right, bilk, got it. Sorry, I was distracted. It’s not every day I read “only” and “$4 million” in the same sentence. :-/

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