Word of the Day: Anew

By Daniel Scocco

Anew is an adverb, and it means again or once more.

As a vice chairman and longtime stockholder of Bear Stearns, Fares D. Noujaim suffered an emotional and financial blow when the investment bank imploded. Now he gets a chance to start anew. (NY Times)

In a break with the administration, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair, also testifying before the panel, pressed anew for using $24 billion of the bailout money to help some American households avoid foreclosure. As foreclosures mount, the government is “clearly falling behind the curve,” she warned. (Houston Chronicle)

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  • Tony Hearn

    Similar in use, therefore, to ‘afresh’: ‘He took the opportunity to start afresh’. Or, as you Americans say ‘to start over’; while in Britain we say ‘over again’.

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