WhiteSmoke Software Review

By Ali Hale

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Editor’s Note: WhiteSmoke has been a sponsor of the blog for a while, and we often get emails from readers asking how good their software are. That is why we decided to review it. But keep in mind we did not get paid to do it. Ali Hale did the review for us, and I asked her to be completely transparent with it.

First Impressions

I found WhiteSmoke very easy to install and get started with. It checks the grammar, spelling and readability of everything that you write (it will do this whilst running in the background, or you can load up the program directly). It’s a bit like a very advanced and more intelligent version of Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker.

I liked the way it automatically checked my typing in not only Microsoft Word but also in emails and when leaving comments using web forms. It caught a few potentially embarrassing typos before I had a chance to hit “send” or “submit”…

Testing WhiteSmoke

I tried running a few pieces of my regular writing through WhiteSmoke to see what it would say. This passage came from a piece I was writing for my blog The Office Diet:

Now you know what calories are and you know how to figure out how many are in your food … you just need to know how many you should be eating.

WhiteSmoke suggested putting a comma after the words “calories are”, and when I clicked to find out why, I was told:

Explanation: This sentence requires a comma to separate its clauses and improve clarity.
Definition: Two coordinated clauses should be divided by a comma.

So far so good: I agree that the sentence is improved when rewritten as:

Now you know what calories are, and you know how to figure out how many are in your food…

The next suggestion, however, was to put a full stop after “out” and before “how”, which would make the sentence:

Now you know what calories are and you know how to figure out. How many are in your food …

This time, when I asked why, WhiteSmoke explained “Two distinct sentences have to be divided by a full stop [period].” However, these were not two separate sentences, and putting a full stop here would lose meaning. I suspect the use of “figure out” (which is quite informal or colloquial) confused the software.

My frequent use of bullet points, rather than conventional paragraphs, also caused a few issues:

  • It suggested putting a period after the first bullet, but not after others. (Conventional advice is that you do not need to use periods for bullets consisting of short phrases, but if you do use periods, you should be consistent.)
  • WhiteSmoke believed that “Your weight” and “Your activity levels” should be “You’re weight” and “You’re activity levels” respectively. Again, I suspect the use of bullets and fragments rather than full sentences caused this confusion.

Sometimes, the software didn’t recognise what role a particular word was playing in a sentence. In the following example, the word “fast” is an adjective modifying “food”, but WhiteSmoke believed it was a verb:

They found that those who skipped breakfast tended to eat more fast food.

I was advised to “Change ‘more’ to ‘faster’”. I can understand where the confusion came – “more fast” would be poor grammar if the sentence was “I ran more fast than Billy.” But my sentence was correct as it stood.

Enrichment Suggestions

WhiteSmoke makes a number of enrichment suggestions which can help improve the flow or style of your writing. For example, one of these came up for me when it recommended changing “And” in:

And your muscle mass is also important

to “Furthermore”, “In addition”, or “Moreover”. I would probably have picked one of these if I’d been writing a more formal piece, but for a blog post, I don’t think starting with “And” is a problem.


I enjoyed using the WhiteSmoke software, and found it was particularly good at spotting typos as I wrote. It could seem a little intrusive at times (a small window pops up in the right hand side of the screen as you type, when the software is running), so I usually turned it off when writing fiction or informal emails as I tended to get a lot of warnings about these!

There were a few occasional slips when the software didn’t understand the meaning of what I’d written, but so long as you don’t just accept every suggestion automatically, these infrequent mistakes shouldn’t cause too many problems.

I think it would be an excellent piece of software for:

  • People learning English as a foreign language
  • Students writing academic essays
  • Anyone producing a formal business-related piece (perhaps a report, or a job application)
  • Freelancers writing for print or traditional markets

You might find the WhiteSmoke software frustrating if:

  • You mainly write fiction or poetry (especially if you use a lot of dialogue or your style involves breaking grammatical rules)
  • Your emails and other non-fiction writing tend to be very informal
  • You use a lot of bullet points or other sentence fragments
  • You’re already very confident about your spelling and grammar

Overall, WhiteSmoke is a very easy to use, intuitive piece of software, and considerably cheaper than paying a proof-reader to check your work!

Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily!

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130 Responses to “WhiteSmoke Software Review”

  • Ted

    I have been emailing Whitesmoke for days telling them that it does not work on my windows 7 system.

    Am I the only one with this problem? Sits on the system tray, and nothing happen.

    After almost 2 weeks of waiting, finally, they answered and all they wanted to ask me is to create a detailed report? of the problem Watta!@#$@

    Are they not testing this crap on their systems?

    Hopefully they will fix it instead of investing too much on advertising and creating hype on their products.

  • James Moss

    Whitesmoke is slow! After an hour it is only halfway through a 4 page letter. By the time whitesmoke is done there will be no need for the letter.

  • Ted

    UPDATE: Still whitesmoke didn’t bother to reply to me. An auto generated email tells me that they’re having a problem with their support system and they cannot reply anytime soon.

    Anyway, I decided to uninstall Whitesmoke, find the email link during the time I paid for this product, and re download and re installed the product.

    Well, it worked! and I am now happily using it. I’m using Windows 7 and I’m not really sure if they updated the software or not.

  • sads

    well can anyone give me an alternative product to white smoke..anything thats superior to white smoke s/w is more than welcome

  • Mickey

    Can anyone tell me how to get this off my computer?

    Don’t buy it…
    They are crooks!

  • John Curley

    I purchased the electronic software and a key for activation was supposed to be sent via email. The only email I received was thanking me for my purchase but still no key. I tried to contact customer support but now found out they aren’t available on weekends and only limited time on weekdays. I sent several emails without a response. I was able to contact a Nathan via online chat customer support but when I brought up wanting my money back he never responded back. Several more attempts failed to get anyone again. Just like filling out this dispute, they didnt even answer here. The place steals peoples money and offers a product thats useless without a key which they wouldnt send when they said they would. I want my money returned to my account and for paypal to look into the credibility of these crooks as it only makes paypal look bad to support such fraud.

  • John Curley

    I put a claim in with Paypal and the cowards never responded. This place is a joke. Maybe they should change the name of their junk to “BlowingSmoke”.

  • Aundrae

    I have been debating many days if I should by this product, but after reading so many negative reviews, and thank god I read reviews, I am very skeptical about this software.

    Cnet has a trial download for seven days, I might try it out, but I am definitely not dropping a dime on this S#*t.

    Also, what are some other software alternative out there that actually work?

  • Rick

    White Smoke ripped me off. First they billed me twice for the software. Then i never received a CD. After using what i thought was my purchase i downloaded, i started getting notice that my license expired and i ahd to renew to use it.

    They don’t answer my e-mails and when i finally got through to them on the phone – a young lady said i would have to call back and talk to a technician. I asked her to have themcall me. That was a week ago and i still havn’t heard from them.

  • Himendra

    They are spammers……

    They will keep sending unwanted pop-ups, every time you ON your computer. And there is no way to block these SPAMS.

  • John Curley

    It took a Paypal dispute to finally get my money back from these crooks. They never responded to the dispute because the losers couldn’t dispute the claim. I will highly recommend the Blowing Smoke product to everyone I dislike. I can’t believe folks are still falling for it.

  • Bob

    How come you advertise the 2010 Writer for $50.00, and then when I go to buy it, you chaerg $99.95.

  • Katherine Belle

    Jesus people are such babies
    First of all, if any of you tried the Writer 2010+ you’d know that their technology doesn’t exist anywhere else! But it’s still technology, it’ll never be absolutely perfect. And besides, their algorithms are based on NLP and artificial intelligence – the software actually learns you.

    Second – they do have a desktop Mac version now that works great.

    Third – yes, they are online and I’m a writer too so that freaked me out a bit at first but I worked it out with them, they don’t use your information! The reason the software has to be online is because they are updating their software DAILY on their servers and it updates automatically on your computer.

    So there, my 2 cents. Its the best software out there – NOT JUST FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS AS A SECOND LANGUAGE but for everyone. Especially writers, because if you’re like me you type fast and NOT perfect. AND with their new features its wonderful for writers, they give you enrichment options and MORE IMPORTANTLY they let you know if you have style errors – like if you use the same word too many times in a paragraph. Seriously, find something better than them – I freakin’ dare you.

  • ripped off

    I used WS 2009 for just a few months before becoming frustrated with having to remain online to use it. Now, with a new netbook with mobile net access, I attempted to reinstall the software, only to be told by the WS customer support team that I had to upgrade to WS 2010. When I asked them to confirm the licensing was perpetual, I was told it was… but that the 2009 software was no longer available (remember, this is an online install!) In other words, you get a perpetual license, but no way to actually install the software. Needless to say, unless this is resolved in a better manner, I’ll not be upgrading or using this software any time in the future.

  • Roaring Fish

    A couple of things to say on this topic.

    My advice to everybody is to spend your money on Swann’s ‘Practical English Usage’ or something similar. The best grammar checker ever is nestling right inside your skull, but only if you make the effort to learn grammar and writing skills. Any software grammar or style checker is a waste of time and inherently flawed: how do you know if it has made the right choice if you don’t already know the answer yourself?

    This applies especially to those posters claiming to be writers or teachers. If you need WhiteSmoke or anything similar, then you are *not* a writer or a teacher.

  • Vicki Mongan

    Whitesmoke is a joke. I’m a professional writer with more than 25 years’ experience and I find it inane. It has consistently corrected grammar and punctuation incorrectly and is worse than Word at marking names and words spelled correctly as misspellings. I paid $84 for a completely useless piece of software AND now I am being unindated with constant popups trying to get me to buy an upgrade. Do not buy this product! I am going to uninstall it.

  • Katherine Belle

    For “geniuses” saying that if someone is a writer or teacher they don’t need writing correction programs – excuse me but you are an ignorant fool. Obviously when WhiteSmoke tells me where my errors are I understand them and I see my mistake, the problem is – when you scan your own writing, sometimes your brain fills in the blanks and you miss your own errors. So yes, I’m a writer – I just happen to be a HUMAN one so I make a mistake once in a while.

  • Mile

    I bought whitesmoke more than a year ago. And all I can say is that it is the biggest SCAM I have ever seen.

  • Brian

    Recently purchased Whitesmoke 2010. Had all manner of problems getting it to work on win 7. Sales people treated me in my opion with complete contempt (well they have made their sale). Technical team were not a lot better. Wasted my money…

  • Namdar

    Bought WS 2010 a week ago. The software is not nearly as powerful or functional as the ads claim. I am very disappointed. Worse yet there is constant ads popping out for the next version which is very bothersome.

  • Ann

    I tried to use a trial version 2 weeks ago. First it completely slowed my computer down then the computer ground to a halt (I have a Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop which is more than capable of running the software). Since then White Smoke spam me with emails up to three times a day. I’ve requested they take me off their list but to know avail. Don’t try it unlrss you have hours to waste and enjoy frustration

  • Artzy

    I can suggest Grammarian Pro X for Mac. A lot of grammar checks… they claim 200 as opposed to MSWord which has about 25. It works offline. doesn’t connect to the internet (although there’s a convenient drop-down list which has links to about 6-7 grammar-related sites.) You simply copy your text, and then go to ‘Options’ and select ‘Check Clipboard

  • Shannon

    I bought white smoke executive. I am so sorry I did not find this website first. I was supposed to have been charged 99 dollars. They charged me 120.00 and promised to refund the difference in 48 hours. I told Michael Kogeman, the salesman, that I was not going to download the program or license until the issue is resolved. I did not receive the refund and I am getting the automated emails described on this forum. I am confident my credit card company will remove the charges since I never used the software.

    Also, after the purchase I immediately requested to cancel the order. I received an email acknowledging the cancellation of my order. A few minutes later I received an email from the salesman confirming my order with download instructions. I know right then this was a desperate company with a skeleton crew. I am still in the process of fighting it. I am not going to use the software for one minute because I feel in not using it, along with the email acknowledging the order cancellation, I have a good leg to stand on with my credit card company.

  • Sarah

    Somehow they have my 11yo son’s email and are spamming continuously. I’ve unsubscribed and when I used their online chat I connected with “Michael” who disconnected when he found I wasn’t going to spend money.

    My son’s email is now going to go through gmail and I’ll be clicking the “spam” button on every single one.

  • me

    If you think you get refund back for this product — keep on dreaming! You may get a number of bogus emails instead of the one that you are waiting for! This company should be sued for being dishonest! When you ask for a phone number for a real person to talk to — you get the number and “Good Luck” answer…

  • me

    Do not buy it unless you want to waste 134 and get no where with this software …

  • Anthony Louis

    I tried testing Whitesmoke on Thanksgiving morning with a simple sentence, and the suggested “correction” was in error.

    The sentence that came to mind for testing its online grammar checker was “I think that this afternoon I will bake a turkey to have for Thanksgiving dinner.”

    The Whitesmoke program said that my sentence needed a comma or a period after the word “afternoon” but this suggestion is not grammatical.

    Based on a sampling of one trial sentence, I decided not to purchase the program.

  • Jay

    Hi There, WhiteSmoke is a very interesting site and i would appreciate it if anyone could give me the name and Professional-Email address for the CEO of WhiteSmoke??? Thanks

  • Touraj

    this is a piece of crap which constantly crashes on my Win-7 system. I have tried their customer service (!) and all i get is an automated email response. I am now trying to get my money back.

    don’t waste your time and money on this.

  • Tony

    DO NOT buy this junk! When the software works, it does a ok job. However, half the time when I try to use it it says their servers are down. Totally annoying.

    Furthermore, you will never get anything but automated responses from them.

    On top of all of that, why will email you promotional junk every day and you cannot unsubscribe!

    Was going to try to get a refund, but I suppose that will be a waste of time.

    Anyone know a good software that works?

  • Bill

    Someone asked if there was a better grammar checker and I finally decided on Grammarian X Pro for Mac. I’ve never tried WhiteSmoke since the reviews were quite negative. Grammarian seemed a better choice and after a trial period I did purchase it. I’m a graphic designer and am designing a book whose writer is really poor at punctuation. Grammarian is a big timesaver. But you have to already be good at grammar, sentence structure, punctuation in order to ignore some of the suggestions Grammarian makes

  • Touraj

    @tony: i returned the package and got my money back. you have to be persistent. i don’t know who these people are but their product is terrible and and their customer service nonexitent. contact the company that billed you (i think it was Plimus).

    i am now trying Grammarly, an online service, to see how they are. the great thing about them is that you can try it for 7 days before having to buy the service.

  • Tony

    Now you don’t even have to download it! It will download and install itself on your computer without your knowledge or consent!!

    I had never heard of this crap until about a week ago when I got a pop-up saying it was now going to install White Smoke Takeover on my computer. I was lucky enough to stop it, after it had crashed my browser of course.

    I ran MalWareBytes on my computer immediately afterward and it came up with 178 infections of Malware and Spyware.

    Now White Smoke has a huge ad on google saying they’re not a virus. If it’s not a virus or adware/malware/spyware, why does it install itself without ever asking permission?

    Oh, and all I did to get it was click on a link from someone I follow on Twitter.

    People like this spammer-scammers should be made to pay for each and every minute it takes to get rid of their garbage from a person’s computer.

  • Wanda

    I purchased the program Friday and in less than 48 hours I requested a refund. I tried to use the program on several writings with known discrepancies and it would not make corrections. More importantly, the program made my computer do strange things like, loss of control of the mouse. The mouse would start moving around my screen at random. The program made the computer much slower and computer activity was happening in a way that makes me very nervous. Like I said I asked for a refund, lets see if they honor money back guarantee.

  • Touraj

    @Wanda and all those who would like their money back!

    Plimus is under contract with WhiteSmoke to process orders and collect payments. If you don’t get result with Whitesmoke, contact Plimus’ supprt ( ). They promptly refunded my money.

    I hope this helps.

  • WhiteSmoke Smoked Me

    Hello from the wilderness of BC. Several days ago I purchased the complete package from whitesmoke.com and I was online with their tech guy all afternoon one day and he was remotely controlling my computer the entire time to try and get the program to function. In the end, after trying everything including updates for my computer and reinstalling the program several times as well as giving me an entire new account and number…the program continued to shut down upon start up. And it also gave a 102 unknown server error. The tech guy told me he was sorry that it would not work and he said he didn’t understand why it wouldn’t but that I should ask for a refund and I would get one. So, I did. From that moment forward all they send me is generic ads trying to sell me more software and completely ignore all requests for a refund. I have tried every avenue of contact. When I call them on the phone they say sorry I can’t hear you and hang up. When I email them they reply with repeated almost robotic requests for me to tell them what kind of problem I am having. I tell them and they ignore me. I have tried talking to their live help in the live person chat window and as soon as I tell them the problem or that I want the refund they stop talking and leave the chat. I have told them I will contact visa and complain, and you guessed it, the don’t respond. I am very upset and live 200 miles from the nearest town with no access to help or resolution. Any advice on what I can do?

  • steve

    I have used this software from Whitesmoke for a short time, I am a teacher and soon will be going to another Country to teach English, I am very disappointed in the fact that this is not a standalone software, internet access is required. Whitesmoke should be straight forward and say on there web page, in plain English, that internet access is required. Other than that it seems to work well.

  • Emanuele Santanche

    I bought whitesmoke because they said me it worked on Linux.
    I am having a lot of problems. The sw doesn’t work.
    And their representative proposed me also an English course saying that I can have my money back if I don’t like it. Reading your comments I got scared. I will write here about the following.

  • Podo

    I bought whitesmoke V10 and used it quite a bit. Then I had to rebuild my PC and lost the software. I still have me code for the program but when I went on the website, they wouldnt give me a link to download V10 again, no I had to buy V11. There customer seervice is absolutely terrible and every now and then I get a phone call from one of the robots trying to sell me yet another version. I like in the UK and they still keep phoning. Well they can stick it where the sundoesnt shine, i wont use it again ever.

  • Emanuele Santanche

    My problems with whitesmoke aren’t finished yet. It looks like I can get the refunds, but I have to wait yet.
    However, this whitesmoke so famous because it uses artificial intelligence algorithms, can’t find this mistake:
    “While writing this message my mail client, Thunderbird, find those two mistakes.”
    and if you simply cut away the clause, whitesmoke finds the mistake:
    “While writing this message my mail client find those two mistakes. ”
    So whitesmoke is knocked out by a simple clause.
    I have it yet but I think it is not worth the money.
    Sure their commercial attitude is awful and their service is awful as well.

  • Shane

    So, I went for it and got it. even though not all comments were good, I understood that they are the best in their field, so I said I will give it a try.

    and… I am happy to say it is exactly the software I was looking for.

    first, it works everywhere, it can be used with MS word, facebook (even the chat!), msn, outlook and any web browser. basically with any application that requires typing.

    second, it is an all in one writing tool. you can use it to correct your English, check papers, translate full text, look up in the dictionary and even ready templates (made my CV with that).

    and third, and most importantly, it works, not perfect, but very close to it. checks your text in a few seconds, shows you your mistakes and offers the corrections and suggestions to improve. I could not ask for more…

    i also had to install it on my office computer, so a live chat rep helped me with the installation and was very kind through the process.

    for me until now it is a great product and an amazing help to my work needs and my studies.

  • Allie

    I recently purchased WhiteSmoke, and when I read some of these comments, I have to admit that I got a bit nervous. But so far I am so happy with the product. I use it for all my business correspondence and I have to say that it has caught several potentially extremely embarrassing mistakes. I am quite pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend the product.

  • Sanjay

    I was in dire need of a tool to help proofread my papers for school, so despite the negative comments here I decided to try WhiteSmoke.
    To be honest, I love it. I use it not only for my papers, but for my emails and chats as well. The installation process was simple and quick, and I haven’t experienced any problems.

  • Camille

    English is my second language so sometimes I make mistakes in my writing. WhiteSmoke was simple for me to put on my computer and its really easy to use. I also love the translator which helps me find the right words to use.

  • Jim

    No help at all……..!!!! Sh%%$T

    did request information from White Smoke Tec support and I did receive a responds from them. HOWEVER, the response was one of a generic form and not much help. I needed help after I installed white smoke grammar; I kept getting an error code 102 when I use the program.
    I contacted Tec support three times with no help. I call the support phone and all I got was go back to the internet and check with support. I could not contact a human person to help. I did call sales and I did speak with a woman that told me the support department was out getting a coke and someone will call me back. After two days, no one call. I tried again with no luck to reach someone by phone to talk too.

    The other issue I have with white smoke, Is after I purchase the software on line a woman from white smoke called me at ten o’clock at night and work me up. The woman started saying she could save me money on the software I just bought. She wanted me to agree to pay a $195.00 for an unlimited addition of the software. The woman was hard to understand she talked fast and had an accent; at that point, I started too worried about my purchase with white smoke. The woman sounded like a crazy person on the phone telling me I needed to go to the web page and look at the renewal. I told her I was not on my computer at that time and I did not want to pay $195.00. what I purchase is all I needed. She kept on insisting I need to pay more, at this point, I told her no thank you and hung up

    I just found out after I had purchase white smoke. I paid for the backup CD. When I checked on the web page to see when I would be receiving it in the mail that I needed to complete a form when I tried to fill out the form, I could not get the form to print or to forward it to your company. (What can I do?)

    I guess my money is gone and there is no help. At this point, all I want is to get a refund on my money and purchase some other software. I have lost faith in white smoke and I feel that my money is lost and no one cares about his or her customers.

  • Patrick

    I made the mistake of buying WS. it will fix some errors but it’s only slightly better than Word. what’s annoying, however, is that the WS makers will spam you relentlessly with new offers and promotions. WS also only works after accessing its servers, which are often down so it won’t work. Sometimes WS crashes, crashing whatever software you were using with it in the process. very frusfrating sofware that I do not recommend to anyone (use word instead).

  • Dissatisfied WhiteSmoke Customer

    I have used WhiteSmoke for over a year now and I regret ever making the purchase. Not only does it make simply grammar checking errors, but the stability of the software is iffy at times. The latest version has caused real problems with my current set up. I have a dual monitor system and WhiteSmoke displays a large, non-closeable box on my second monitor. I’ve repeated contacted WhiteSmoke support for assistance and have been repeatedly ignored. Their only suggestion is a canned response of “reinstall the software.” I had high hopes for this product, but it has been nothing but frustration from the beginning. Their support borders on nonexistent.

  • Tony Butler

    I bought WhiteSmoke in February, 2011, and found it useful for correcting the odd typo. I’m sixty-nine, and my Grammar is fairly basic, but I have sold a few novels, as ebooks, and now two as paperbacks.

    Having installed the program, I was soon to learn that it was programmed by someone whose native language, was certainly not English. Some of its suggestions were ludricous, to put it bluntly.

    However, I received a telephone call from WhiteSmoke, telling me that for $99.00 dollars, I could have a life-time VIP licence, instead of yearly renewal.

    Non of the super, extra features, were contained in the new download, and what was worse, WhiteSmoke began devouring my text.

    I would edit a page, only to find, parts of text I had altered, had disappeared, as had complete paragraphs.

    Obviously I complained, try to delete a word, as per WhiteSmoke’s suggestion and you lost a whole sentence.

    Often WhiteSmoke ‘encountered a problem and has to close’, and with it went all the text I had loaded into the program.

    Meanwhile, I began being bombarded with more phone calls, asking me to buy the VIP package. Despite being told that I had already bought and installed the program, the calls continued.

    I emailed, WhiteSmoke and complained, and this was their actual reply:
    To: “tonyb@nottinghamshiretimes.co.uk”
    Subject: WhiteSmoke VIP Dep
    Part(s): Download All Attachments (in .zip file)

    [Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:1.2469320359@web113508.mail.gq1.yahoo.com]

    Dear Toni,
    I completely understand your frustration but you my friend, is not a VIP member. I have been double checking it in my system.
    I want you to know that I want to help you to become a full functional user who will be satisfied with his software.
    My advice to you is, think about what I said and try to trust me when I say that you DO NOT have a VIP membership.

    I wish you weren’t being so cynical about our calls and try to listen for a change.
    I hope you will reply to this E-mail, and we will be able to talk like civilized man.

    (As you will gather, he must have used WhiteSmoke, to create English grammar, this bad. I sent him their receipt, and:)

    From: “David Anderson”
    To: “tonyb@nottinghamshiretimes.co.uk”
    Subject: RE: WhiteSmoke VIP Dep
    Dear Tony,

    I stand corrected.
    You are right.

    (at least he got my name right, this time.)

    I have been busy the last couple of months, but now intend to deal
    with WhiteSmoke, and cut off their Paypal facillity. I will als be publishing a: WhiteSmoke – Software Writers Should Avoid, subdomain on my website. So, if any of you want to email me your
    bad, WhiteSmoke experiences, I will run them.

    Finally, I have found an editing program that is great. Ironically, it’s called, Editor, published by Serenity Software.


  • Farhan

    I bought the software this week(29/04/11). I agree totally with TONYB. Mate is there anyway to het the money back? I actually asked for a refund. I am really annoyed on me, that I bought the software, but it was perfectly working on trial version for 3 days. Now asking me to buy the full version.


  • Stephen

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. Despite their guarantee 30 day refund, I have yet to receive anything despite requesting it less than 24hours after my download. My 30 day refund period expires in a few days and I am still waiting, I imagine they are ignoring my requests so as to let the date pass and then have a legal reason why not to refund. I asked for a refund after I found the software missed simple grammar errors that microsoft word picked up. I have filed a complaint with better business bureau in hopes to get my $120 back, but I am not confident that I will ever get this money.

    Check their better business burea reviews, they are terrible with customer service and never recognize refunds.

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