The Dictionary of Concise Writing

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Serious bloggers understand the importance of concise writing. Unfortunately, great writing tips on brevity are scattered among many resources. Fortunately, a book called The Dictionary of Concise Writing crossed my desk.

Written by Robert Fiske, The Dictionary of Concise Writing is the definitive guide to fat-free writing. This book literally contains its subtitle – more than 10,000 alternatives to wordy phrases.

For example, I wanted to lead this sentence with the phrase “as an example”. Instead I referenced the book and found the alternatives “for example” and “for instance”. Other great entries I use on a daily basis:

  • as a resultconsequently; hence; so; then; therefor; thus
  • past (previous; prior) experienceexperience
  • is inclined to think (that)asserts; believes; claims; contends; feels; holds; maintains; says; thinks

Each time you reference the book, you are training yourself to recognize wordy or redundant phrases. Definitely a good exercise!

You can find the book on Amazon.com

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9 thoughts on “The Dictionary of Concise Writing”

  1. Fiske also offers alternatives to “the fact that,” a prolix phrase that should be cut from every sentence in which it appears.

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