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As a prefix, super- originates from the Latin super, an adverb and preposition meaning above, on top of, beyond, beside. That’s the original meaning of the English prefix, too, though according to the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, it has taken on other senses over the centuries. These include:

  • Higher in rank, quality or degree (example: superstructure)
  • In the highest, or to a high degree, in excess ( example: superabundance)
  • Expressing addition (example: supertax)

Here are some super words which have the same root:

  • Superb – excellent
  • Supercilious – proud, arrogant (from the Latin for above the eyelid)
  • Supercomputer – extra powerful and quick computer
  • Superfine – extremely refined, over refined
  • Superhuman
  • Superintendent – director or manager of an organisation
  • Superior – greater in number or quality
  • Superlative – of outstanding quality
  • Superman (originating with Nietzsche rather than Clark Kent’s alter ego)
  • Supermodel – an exceptionally successful catwalk model
  • Supernatural – inexplicable through natural laws; miraculous
  • Superscribe – to write above
  • Supersede – to supplant or replace
  • Supervise – to direct or oversee

There are dozens of others. Why not add yours in the comments or in the forum?

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13 thoughts on “Super Words”

  1. Same here, but here are some new ones for ya!

    Supersubtle- overly subtle, insignificant

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