DWT Poetry Competition: Ninth Round


It is Tuesday, and as expected another round of our Poetry Competition is live. We have seen 90 poems already, and still have 60 or so to go.

After we implemented a second layer of security in the poll it looks like the number of votes per round became stable, which is a good thing.

Remember that if you are an RSS or email subscriber you need to visit the site to cast your vote (there is a direct link to the poll below the poems as well).

1. Wake Up God by Chandan Sonaye

God, God, God
Where are you God
If you are sleeping peacefully
Wake up God, wake up God

Bomb blasts are everywhere
People are dying everywhere
See the chaos everywhere
Wake up God, wake up God

Money race is everywhere
Corruption is everywhere
See the value eaters everywhere
Wake up God, wake up God

Inhumanity is everywhere
Quarrels are everywhere
See the beasts everywhere
Wake up God, wake up God

To make the world a living place
To fill ones heart with love again
To have humanity here again
Wake up God, wake up God

2. In-Laws & Outlaws by Andrew Incarnadine

speak not of days gone by
that time ever occurred
and no one will be
any wiser
unless you say that word
still it will
be relatively easy
to keep it to yourself
yes, you will know
but not them, no
deceive everyone else
not intentionally
well, yes, intentionally
a ‘necessary evil’
for wisdom heals
while knowledge kills
the ignorance of people
so the world will be
none the wiser
of things that once occurred
yet our common ground
will finally be found
in speaking the idle word

3. Priceless by Anuj Bhargava

pink top blue jeans brown sandal
how can i ever forget my sweet angel

her voice like an addiction
between lips i get some friction
word doesnt come when shes around
but heart goes merry go round

her radiance can imbibe life into zombies
stars in sky hide when her big cute sparkling eyes rise
Like the sounds of oceanic wave
melodious giggle of hers makes your ears crave

so charming and witty
like ice cream with flavor tutty-fruity
and like a topping of colored cherry
are her deep thoughts and insights

her sea-like-demeanor so serene and calm
few connoisseur like me can turn it into a storm
Whatever it is but i m truly sure
that my words and heart is pure

Like a poet’s perfect imagination of nature
she is PRICELSS creature
describing her is really tough
because words aren’t enough

i lost you one time
i lost you a second time
i cant even complain
for i was the one who was insane

for you have taken enough chances
and i have screwed up every single of them
yet you should know really know that
when you are around you lift me higher
with you i am as clean as plants after rain
only you i trust, only you i miss

I wanna be with you
i wanna take rains and pains of yours
for when you will be my friend forever
i’ll think i have more than my share

4. Merry Rain by Shashidhara A R

I had my ups, and had my downs,
I too had happy days in towns,

Joyous when the sky was blue,
Life became blue, had no clue,

Have friends hundred and even more,
Won’t show tears, don’t want to bore,

Got to be shameless on earth that is,
Full of people with mean and grease,

Hell with the world, that of no sense,
Be quiet, often silence is eloquence,

Wait, life will be beautiful again,
God knows, when to shower a merry rain!

5. Folding Chairs by Dunn Scott

Jim stood up and walked
down to the trees
Rosa slouched in her seat
her legs stretched
forward and her arms
slung over the aluminum armrests
of a low-sitting and very plaid
folding chair
The identical chair beside hers
sat empty with its
horizontal stripes of brown,
and gold,
and verticals of white and black
She looked out at her toes
and noticed
the yellowing grass bowed at her feet
but not
the bruised clouds coming
over the tranquil valley oaks below

She closed her eyes, listened,
and dozed

A discontented wind
stirred a crescendo of chirping meadow life
and rolled an ocean of tall grassy waves
up the easy slope
The clouds now menaced above Rosa,
and the invading wind
lifted in her ears like a kettle drum
echoing the bird songs and
the insect screams

The empty chair next to Rosa
lifted back
the way a schoolboy would balance his chair
on two legs
Continuing its motion,
the chair crumpled to the ground
and folded in silence
Rosa sharply straightened her posture
forced a nervous laugh

As suddenly as it came,
the cacophony went quiet
The rain, however, arrived with more
and with a crack of thunder

Rosa stood, clapped her chair
and jumped in the truck
She watched Jim’s chair lay battered
abandoned in the deluge

Rosa started the engine
pulled a lever
The wipers marked time
on the windshield
She sat waiting for an answer to her conundrum,
staring at the wipers
every arched opening
a muddled blur
The arms cranked along
like metronomes,
wiping away an endless rain,
and conveying her solitary


6. A Letter by Sakshi Rastogi

A letter for lovers,
Is a token of love.

A letter for a patient,
Is a piece of consolation.

A letter for a student,
Is a bit of encouragement.

A letter for a teacher,
Is either formal or informal.

A letter of a dead,
Is his memory.

A letter for a father,
Is news of his daughter.

A letter for an officer,
Is either suspension or promotion.

A letter for a Social Worker,
Is gratitude towards his work.

A letter for a son,
Is the affection of his mother.

A letter for the God,
Is the grief of mankind.

7. Summer Night by Akka Voskuil

Swiftly swinging to a silent draft
Are apple blossoms, bathed in golden light.
A hidden bird chants songs for his beloved;
The sound of nature fills this summer night.

Over the trees flies a young nightingale;
Gliding to an unknown place downstream,
Searching inspiration for another tale,
Heading off to find another dream.

The sun is setting slowly, though too fast,
Setting this scene on fire with a final ray.
Patiently the things her fingers passed,
Will wait for morning, for another day.

8. The Ballad of Spirit and Shadows by Lady Adellandra

From the Ancient Mystic Gods so Fair
Came a balanced love so pure of a pair
One from the Light, Silver and Bright
One from the Darkness, Chaos and Night
Theirs was the Love of Purest Desires
Theirs was the Balance of Life and Fires

She was Spirit, a Being of the Light
He was Shadows, a Being of the Night
Each yearned for something different and then
Within her the Darkness, within him a Friend
They came together, a Love so Pure
Within the Light and the Night they Endure

Passion’s Fires from Dragon’s Flame
Each calling the other’s names
“Spirit, my Love,” He exclaimed unto she,
The Bright and Silver one so Free, “I love you
With thine own heart, my soul, my love, we will never part”
“Shadows, dearest,” She purred to her Night, “I love you
As well, for you are my all, for throws of love with you did I Fall”
“A love like ours will never be forsaken,” She said,
“Nor from each other our souls will be taken”

And so they were for centuries above
With the Ancient Mystics Gods did they love
But with each passing gone their brethren were covetous
And green-eyed with jealousy of something they couldn’t muss
One day the Mighty Origin of Fates did appear
And tore their Souls from each other dear
“Shadows my dearest heart so true, fear not” Spirit supplied.
“For I am always with you. Think of me in darkest hours,
Think of me in your darkest of powers, and I
Will be there instantly, for they will soon see,
The Gods themselves will never separate you from me!”

They were Realmborn then, in two separate worlds
He a Draconian and she a dragonwolf girl
They eventually found each other again,
Realmbound for Darkness needed his Friend
Realmbound for Spirit needed her Mate
For completion and Balance they did partake
Once the Gods above they did see,
They were not happy they were not free

Once more did The Origin of Fates step in
Brought Visions to the girl, took away her friend
Separated and made to suffer in remorse
She thought the hell of it was her fault, of course
As for Shadows, he was strong, but the Chaos was stronger
And War of the Dragon Nations did rage on longer
Without the Love that had been his heart and soul
There was no more peace, there was no more control

The Ancient Mystic Brethren Gods, they felt compunction
What had they done, with their jealous action?
How could they have been so wrong, in being green-eyed all along?
They should have been happy for Shadows and Spirit
For they had found love where no one else would hear it.
In order to rectify their jealous misdeed, they told all to take heed
For one day, the two would find each other again
and the Chaos of Shadows will be with the Light of his Loverfriend

It did not take long for the Ancient Mystics Gods plan
To come to fruition, for Fates to take hand.
To bring back the Silver Light of Spirit to He
Who once let the Destruction and Chaos Run Free
To bring back the Darkness of Night to She
Who was swept away by the Fates for her to see
Once a Dragonwolf now a Mystic girl
Stuck now in three different worlds

The Once-Djinn High Lord O’Dell intervened
The Mystic girl was more than what she seemed.
He made her his successor as Young Guardian
And Trained her with magics so she could return once again
She was soon given Goddess Status again
She was the Goddess of Spirit, a helping hand of a friend
Taught of the Special Magics within her soul
Taught to tame the Wildness and within it, Control

On a chance meeting with the Dragon’s Emperor
She happened to Feel something in her heart and soul stir
A whisper of a beat so wild and untamed, who was this
Male to make her feel this way, what was his name?
A Simple kiss opened up her eyes, for something
Wonderful, it became quite a surprise
She was his Spirit, and the Dragon’s Fire awoke
He was the Shadows, wrapped in a Darkness cloak

The two were one once more, as their souls were balance
Hers was the Love unlike any other, and he was in a trance
She could no longer be with anyone but Him, her heart desired
The Chaos, the Darkness, of His Dragon’s Fire within
He could no longer love anyone but her, his soul reawakened
To the Love, the Light, the Spirit she’d partaken

A Final decree to their Bretheren they cried
No one would come between them would live if they tried
No one will live to see the light of day
That sought to take their mate away
From that day forward, the Gods and the Fates would Feel
How true of a love Spirit and Shadows had, for it was real
The Truest of Loves, of heart, Soul and Desire,
Of Honor and Spirit and Balance in the Dragon’s Fire

9. Pink Lullabies by Amor Damaso

When the sun kiss the ground
where we lie
is it night?

The music tapering to quietness
and darkness engulfs the sky

I stare … blankly at the ceiling
while the movie in my mind
proceeds to play
memories of days gone by

A blur they pass fast
slivers of motion and then some
Most are green
some red
others the color of a mellow sun
at summer’s rest.

Carefully, I choose snapshots of pink hue
and store them someplace safe
pink lullabies
sweet, lovely memories of you I keep
to slumbering, peaceful sleep.

10. Before We Go by Andy Brackett

Aged seers once took to pen,
Foretold to all that days would end.
By fire or ice we may not know,
But I shall live before I go.
To see lands so far away,
To work less and add more play.
If only more could make this so,
We all could live before we go.
The wars of man at last must cease
And start an age built on peace.
These are the seeds we all must sow,
For we should live before we go.

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6 thoughts on “DWT Poetry Competition: Ninth Round”

  1. Thank you, Andy Brackett, for reminding us – eventually we all must go, but let’s live our lives with purpose and meaning and joy before we do.

    I especially like #2 In-Laws and Outlaws – quite thought-provoking and obviously written by a man who has been in the thick of in-law/outlaw relationships. Great job, Andrew!

  2. I thought “In-laws & Outlaws” by Andrew Incarnadine was really good. A lot of people have relationships with their family that have a bunch of past hurts not dealt with and I think his poem really shows how harmful that is.

  3. #8 for me, I love RPGs and her story is epic. check out her twitter for her awesome tweets and a link to the story! Its Lady_Adella for her twitter. CHECK IT OUT!

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