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Do you want to share your favorite writing tip with our readers? Perhaps you want to talk about your pet peeves? Well, now you can. We are officially accepting guest articles. And it gets even better: if our readers really like your content we might extend you an invitation to become a paid staff writer.

Guest Author Guidelines

The main requirement for getting your guest article accepted is writing something that will be useful to our readers. You are free to write about any topic related to writing (e.g., grammar, punctuation, spelling, freelance writing, composition), and you can also talk about relevant personal experiences. The other guidelines are:

  • Your article must be original, and must not have been published online before.
  • Once we publish it on the blog you agree to not publish it elsewhere (i.e., on some other website).
  • You may include a byline at the bottom of the article, with up to two links (e.g., one link to your blog and one to your Twitter account).

How to Apply

If you agree with the guidelines please send your guest article to [email protected]. Make sure to include the guest article either in the body of the email itself or as a .doc attachment. I will get back to you with an acceptance or rejection within 48 hours.

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14 thoughts on “Do You Want to Write for DailyWritingTips?”

  1. An excellent blogger who is a well-known literary agent and a young punk recently wrote or quoted criticisms of the use of quotation marks for purposes OTHER THAN a direct quote. He/they said that the practice is “generational”, meaning that the “new generation” knows better than us old geezers. I zipped him back just a taste of why some of us use quotes in the ways we do and always have. I just finished writing my third novel since late last year, and the current one is full of VALID uses of quotation marks in the geezer sense. I suggested to the young dude that it is HIS generation that is deficient, not mine (b.1936), and that they are not as aware of subtlety and nuance. Quotes can suggest that something more is meant than the literal. So hopefully I will get a “round tuit” and write a piece on the subject and see if you like it. Sincerely, Richard Lee Van Der Voort, a “geezer”

  2. Writing helps me ventilate my thoughts to readers distant and near

    I am confident that my writing will find place here

  3. Hello, I sent in a piece on January 28th at 3:49 P.M. I have not heard back, and it’s been much more than 48 hours since. I need to hear back with an acceptance or rejection so I know whether I can present this piece to other clients. It was sent from the email address I am posting this comment with. Please let me know – thanks 🙂

  4. I should say goodbye from daily writing tip because I have posted a question weeks ago, yet so far, I have not received any response. Please just not keep sending e-mail. Thanks.

  5. WRT ‘First Priority’ – would that if fact qualify as a Tautology?

    @Helen Garrad – use Vicious Circle.

    Viscious isn’t a real word – maybe you were thinking of Viscous, which means a thick and sticky substance.

  6. @Andrew – Viscious = particularly nasty maple syrup?

    @Ian and Andrew – If something’s a priority, that means it’s important. If it’s your first priority, that means it’s the one important thing that you will address before all other important things. No redundancy or tautology involved.

    I discovered that during my time at the Department of Redundant Tautology Department 😉

  7. So I’m guessing, that’s a no. You don’t accept guest submissions anymore. Or read or respond to them. OK.

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