Daily Writing Tips Vocabulary Test 1

By Daniel Scocco

I am glad to finally release the first test on this blog, the DWT Vocabulary Test 1. The idea of creating tests and quizzes was bouncing in my head for some time already. Such resources add interactivity to the content, and they integrate perfectly with the topics we already cover routinely.

Daily Writing Tips Vocabulary Test

The vocabulary tests will be based on the “Word of the Day” category. Every 20 posts on that category a new test will be released. Feel free to post a comment below with your score.

We’ll also have spelling and grammar tests soon, so stay tuned!

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32 Responses to “Daily Writing Tips Vocabulary Test 1”

  • Amelia G.

    That was fun! 20 out of 20. Wasn’t sure about moribund, but pedantic I knew 🙂

  • Ashwin

    60%. 😀

  • Dave

    Great idea. I enjoyed the quiz.

  • twoluvcats

    FUN! I liked the word challenge this morning 🙂 got an 85%

    the algorithm question got me hee

  • Robert Hruzek

    Pretty funny, Daniel – a misspelled word on a word test! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

  • gaylec54

    95% — algorithm got me, too…. 🙁

  • Eugene

    100%! Damn, so I am a boring person at parties. :-p

  • Daniel

    Fixed the typo, and I spent the whole morning working on it :).

  • Silvia

    Not too tricky–got them all correct.

  • Biblioadonis aka George

    Great test!

    I was thrilled to get 100%.

    Thanks. Love the blog and I forward the posts to my brother.

  • Daniel

    Well regular readers should be able to score 100% easily, all the words were already covered on the blog :).

    But I’ll keep that in mind for future ones.

  • Ray

    100% here.

  • AnneTanne

    90%. Not too bad for a non-native speaker (i.e. reader… I only rarely speak English)

  • Thomas GvL

    80%… not bad 🙂

  • kimberment

    80% i was suprised i know so much!

  • BCL

    90% wow, better than I expected.

  • Joy-Mari Cloete

    is 85 per cent a half decent mark if English is my second language?

  • Felix


    Question 4 can be figured out logically, which makes it easy, as it is the most complex word.

    Question 17 get me.

  • Aaron

    I got 90% right. There’s some sort of error on the answers page. The last question reads, “What is the most popular browser currently?”

  • Daniel

    Oops, that is coming from an old test I had 🙂 .

  • Nothingman

    got 85% neat test…really liked it 🙂

  • Tim Childers

    100%. Fantastic site and great quiz. I’ll be back for the next challenge!

  • Sharon

    I enjoyed the test – 100%

  • Georg

    This is a great idea. Without rehearsing what we learn from time to time, it just doesn’t stick. 95% here.

  • Dave Brigman

    75% 🙁

    I’m studying for the GRE right now, so this was perfect! Thanks for putting this up!

  • Matthew K. Tabor

    Love the idea – short, sweet and fun.

  • cjlise

    This is a Great Idea. I got 85%.


  • Roshawn

    70% 🙁 That’s what I get for not reading DWT.

  • Chintan

    got 100% .. since Barron’s word lists were fresh in my head ..

  • Bryndel

    I saw ombudsman linked on an earlier page, then came here and took this after thinking “oh, I’ll click that later.”
    Knew I should’ve clicked on it earlier, hah. I’d’ve gotten 100% if I had! (Then again, I managed the English on the GRE just fine–it was the math that killed me.)

  • sleman


  • hhshetty

    Got 60% hoping to score better next time. Very useful exercise.

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