Daily Writing Tips Spelling Test 1

It took us some time, but we are finally up with another test, the Spelling Test 1.

Daily Writing Tips Spelling Test

Spelling mistakes represent a common problem on the Internet. Sometimes just one letter separates two words with completely different meanings. Other times we end up transposing a vowel, and the result is hardly noticeable by the eye. Regardless, you should make sure that spelling mistakes are not crippling your writing, and this test is a good opportunity to do so. Here is a teaser:

9. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted, _________.

  • though
  • tough
  • through
  • thought

Do you think you can pass with 100% accuracy? Test your spelling skills now, and let us know the result!

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31 thoughts on “Daily Writing Tips Spelling Test 1”

  1. I was lucky to get 100% as I had to make a guess on “earnest payment” – this concept/terminology does not exist in the UK!

  2. 85%

    I guess it’s not too bad, considering English is not my mother tongue.

    Missed the “all right” and the “embarrassment” ones.

  3. I scored %100, because I knew ‘all right’ would be the answer, however, I think alright should have word status

  4. elkit, there was a restaurant here in town that once had a neon sign above the entrance that read, “Is everything alright?” I would go in and say, “No, it isn’t,” but the owner wasn’t amused.

  5. I cannot believe I had an 80%. I think I should already use eyeglasses or join my kids in school.

    That was a very entertaining spelling review, though.

    Thanks for this.

  6. 90%, and since English is not my native tongue I was pleasantly ‘surpised’.
    I wonder if non-native speakers pay more attention to spelling/grammar differences (its/it’s, you’re/your) sometimes?

  7. It was interesting to take this test because I saw so many of the errors I encounter on a regular basis at work. However, I know that if any of the offenders took this test, their score wouldn’t quite be indicative of their tendencies, because they’d be explicitly focusing on the right answers. When they aren’t, though, it’s a free-for-all.

    Good test, nonetheless, though. I got a 90%. I know I got the “alright” one wrong, and I think I must have gotten the “embarrassing” one incorrect as well.

  8. Not that bad. 95%.

    Ok, now you fine people willing to make the world speak better English, could you guys please give me a tip on ‘alright’?

    Of course I know it came from ‘all right’. But what’s the deal? Why is the form ‘alright’ wrong? I thought it was actually more common than the separeted one. Does it sound/ look really that bad ?( I’m not a native speaker as well, so it sounds ok to me).

    One more reason:
    If I say ‘the answers were all right’ there’s no doubt. All of them were right.
    But when I want to use it as a adjective?
    Like in ‘It’s alright to improvise.’
    Can I use it as an adverb?
    Like in ‘I’m doing well’ = ‘I’m doing alright’ ?
    Enlighten me on that please!

  9. Hello, I am Prameela. I am very much excited to have a test in this site. Thank you for your refreshment.

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