Daily Writing Tips Spelling Test 1

By Daniel Scocco

It took us some time, but we are finally up with another test, the Spelling Test 1.

Daily Writing Tips Spelling Test

Spelling mistakes represent a common problem on the Internet. Sometimes just one letter separates two words with completely different meanings. Other times we end up transposing a vowel, and the result is hardly noticeable by the eye. Regardless, you should make sure that spelling mistakes are not crippling your writing, and this test is a good opportunity to do so. Here is a teaser:

9. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted, _________.

  • though
  • tough
  • through
  • thought

Do you think you can pass with 100% accuracy? Test your spelling skills now, and let us know the result!

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  • Prameela Mutluri

    Hello, I am Prameela. I am very much excited to have a test in this site. Thank you for your refreshment.

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