Daily Writing Tips Is On Facebook and Twitter Now

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Over the past months we received many emails from readers who wanted to connect with Daily Writing Tips on social networks. We finally made this possible on the two largest networks: Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a Facebook account please visit Facebook.com/DailyWritingTips and click on the “Like” button to connect with us. Once you do that you’ll start seeing links to our posts on your Facebook stream. Alternatively you can visit this post on our website and hit the “Like” button directly on the Facebook Like Box.

Twitter users can follow the official Daily Writing Tips account on Twitter.com/writing_tips. We try to follow every one back, and we also tweet links to the latest posts on the blog.

Finally, you’ll notice that below the posts there’s a “Share” section now. There you can click on the buttons to retweet the post or to share it with your Facebook friends. We would appreciate if you could spread the word about any post you like by using those buttons!

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