Aren’t You Blogging Yet?

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If you like to write and don’t have a blog or website yet, well, you are missing a lot of fun! The feeling of writing and publishing an article is great, and even better is the one you get when people comment on it, recommend it to their friends and so on.

Not only that. Blogging is a great tool to hone your writing skills, develop your ideas, make new friends, expand your knowledge, build an audience, establish your expertise in a given field, and the list goes on.

If you would like to know more about blogging and about how you can setup and promote your own, I recommend you take a look at my other website, called DailyBlogTips.com. Make sure to browse the categories and the archives, as I have published over 1,500 articles there over the years, covering pretty much all topics you can imagine.

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4 thoughts on “Aren’t You Blogging Yet?”

  1. I was a writer for a long time; writing novels and trying to get them published. When it wasn’t successful I took a break from writing. I just didn’t have time either. I found that I missed it a lot. I started writing a blog about a year and a half ago and it reawakened the writer in me. I really got to stretch my legs and get back at it. As a result I’m back to writing “for real” now! Hopefully someday I can try to get it published again, but right now I’m just happy to be writing again.

  2. I do not write much but I like to write little, mostly precise and persuasive. Then I come across this website of you, what inspired me most. I like to keep pace with your daily writing tips sent to me.

    I speak less and use to think more, and I like to convey my ideas to my intimates through my writing. a piece of advice, my experiences, or any observation, rather than sending meaningless sma to them. And mostly they are liked.

    I am hopeful if I continue to read your writing tips, I may express my ideas more easily.

  3. My two cents on blogging:

    I currently have three blogs. I have found that I need to manage the time spent writing and maintaining them very carefully.

    Without careful time and resource management, I couldn’t do it.

    For my book blog, I need about 30 minutes every two or three days because the content is pulled from one of my books. It’s already written. Seems simple, right? Just grab some text and drop it in the “new post” box. Rather, I need to select the text, post it, and format it. Then I update the blog’s landing page, which contains micro-samples from every post, and submit the link to various networking sites. Posts are in the 200 – 300 word range. This takes about 30 minutes. Every couple of weeks, I remove the less popular posts. Responding to comments (if any), checking the stats, etc. takes about 5-10 minutes per day. (Google PR 2 and climbing)

    For my comma blog, all the content is unique. Writing the posts takes about 30 – 45 minutes. These are short-ish posts, maybe 500 – 700 words. I do this 2 out of 3 days. Then I have to perform the same maintenance as with the first blog. (Blog currently unrated by Google, but it’s only couple of months old.)

    And for the main company blog, writing takes around 2 – 3 hours, with posts in the 700 – 1,500 word range. I try to create a new post every week, but sometimes I’m a little slow, mainly because I need to schedule a block of time, which isn’t always possible. These posts take a bit longer to upload and format, and they generally get submitted to article distribution sites, as well. I have someone else post and distribute them for me, saving several hours of my time. I do the fun part, and someone else does the “production” work. (PR 4, might not get any higher due to frequency of new posts)

    What this all adds up to is a time and (human) resource management challenge.

    I teach classes on business use of social media. One of the biggest “ah-ha” moments for many participants is the realization that blogging for business use is a management task, not just a creative task.

    Even if we’re blogging for fun (and it is fun and rewarding), we have to manage our time carefully. Otherwise, blogging can either consume time we need for other things, which means it will die out, or it can become an exercise in personal journaling, which means it doesn’t help us accomplish our goals. The blog posts are social media products, what we offer the market, and we create, manage, and distribute them using the same principles as any other product.

    Do I agree that blogging is fun? Yes! Do I agree that blogging makes one a better writer? Yes! Do I agree that blogging can support personal and business/professional goals? Yes, again.

    Non-solicited plug: Your blog has good stuff. I recommend it to my social media class participants.

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