50 Synonyms and Idioms for “Give”

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It’s better to give than to receive, and it’s easier to precisely describe giving than receiving, thanks to numerous synonyms for give. Here are dozens of them, with connotative definitions.

1. Accord: to give what is due
2. Administer: to give medication, to perform a religious ritual, or to carry out a punishment
3. Afford: to give in a manner consistent with the giver, usually something inanimate (for example, “The complication afforded us additional time to prepare”)
4. Allot: to give a portion or share, or by lottery
5. Apportion: to give in shares
6. Award: to give something that is deserved
7. Bestow: to give as a gift, with the possible connotation of condescension
8. Chip in: see contribute
9. Comp: to give something free that is normally paid for (a truncation of complimentary)
10. Confer: to give graciously
11. Contribute: to give among other providers or supporters
12. Convey: to give something originating from one party to another party
13. Deliver: to give something to the intended recipient
14. Devote: to give something useful or valuable
15. Dispense: see administer and allot
16. Dish out: to give criticism; also see administer and allot
17. Distribute: to give to a number of recipients
18. Dole (out): to give in small amounts
19. Donate: to give to an organization or other entity as an act of charity
20. Endow: to give an income to someone, or to give money for long-term maintenance or support
21. Endue (or indue): see endow and provide
22. Extend: to give so as to make available; see also proffer
23. Fork over (or fork out or fork up): to give money
24. Furnish: see provide and supply
25. Grant: to give consent or to concede; see also bestow and transfer
26. Hand down: to give an inheritance, either of material goods or of characteristics
27. Hand out: to distribute
28. Hand over: to give something intended for or due to another
29. Impart: to give from a supply
30. Kick in: see contribute
31. Lavish: to give generously
32. Mete (out): see dole (out)
33. Offer: to make available, or to give an exhibition or performance
34. Pay: to give in exchange for a product or a service, or to give or forfeit as penalty, or to give something intangible such as attention
35. Pitch in: see contribute
36. Present: to give in a ceremonial or formal manner
37. Produce: see offer
38. Proffer: see offer and tender
39. Provide: to make available
40. Pungle (up): see contribute and pay
41. Render: to give in return or retribution; see also administer, deliver, pay, and yield
42. Reward: to give in return for a service
43. Sacrifice: to give something at a loss or to give something for a belief or an ideal or for a purpose
44. Supply: see provide
45. Tender: to give something that is to be accepted
46. Transfer: see convey
47. Transmit: see convey
48. Volunteer: to give services freely
49. Vouchsafe: to give a reply, or to grant as a favor or privilege; see also bestow
50. Yield: to give as is appropriate or required, or to surrender oneself or a possession

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3 thoughts on “50 Synonyms and Idioms for “Give””

  1. It’s extensive vocabulary lists like these that reveal how difficult it is to be a good writer, conscientious in selecting just the right word for a particular expression.

  2. If we consider paying as a form of giving, then maybe we could add ‘Pony up’ to the list. More common in American English than British, where ‘stump up’ might be used instead.

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