List of 50 Compliments and Nice Things to Say!


Too often I forget to do it. But when I’m pleased or impressed by someone, I need to make a point to write them a note. Some people are embarrassed by strong face-to-face compliments. After all, if a compliment isn’t heartfelt, it may seem mocking instead. But if you think they will be uncomfortable, you can always send your compliments about them to a third party. And if you preface your compliment with “I think you’re…” or “I’ve always liked how…,” it may be easier to accept. After all, they may say, you have a right to your opinion. But secretly, everyone likes specific praise.

Here are 50 compliments, so that when you say something good about someone else, you can say it more precisely.

  1. accomplished – for someone who has not only accomplished many things, but has accomplished them skillfully and with flair.
  2. admirable – worthy of admiration, someone who should be looked up to.
  3. adorable – for someone, often a child, who is cute and inspires affection and fondness, who seems worthy of love. Originally, worthy of worship, but rarely used in that sense.
  4. affable – for someone is friendly and a good conversationalist; easy to talk to, courteous and gracious.
  5. agreeable – for someone whose personality is suitable and pleasing to you. If they disagree with your ideas, they will do it tactfully and pleasantly.
  6. alluring – so attractive they are like a lure, tempting and enticing. Not a compliment to be given after a business lunch.
  7. amiable – pleasant and likable, kind and kind-hearted, sweet and gracious; literally “friendable,” since it comes from the French and Latin words for “friend,” which comes from the word for “love.”
  8. amusing – for someone who makes you laugh, though the word can easily sound condescending or patronizing.
  9. beautiful – for someone who is physically attractive (usually a woman is beautiful, a man is handsome), but can also describe aspects of a person: a beautiful spirit, a beautiful mind.
  10. bright – clever and intelligent, a quick learner. The word has a positive connotation: someone with a bright mind makes for pleasant company, which can’t be said for a smarty-pants or a know-it-all.
  11. charming – for someone with an attractive personality, as if they possess a magical charm that makes them likable.
  12. cheerful – optimistic and happy, whose pleasant attitude is either contagious or annoying (some people don’t want to be cheered up).
  13. commendable – worthy of commendation, praise, admiration and recognition.
  14. congenial – for someone with whom others enjoy spending time, who is sociable, affable, and fits in well.
  15. convivial – merry and cheerful, as at a community feast, which is the meaning of the Latin combination of “together” and “live.”
  16. cordial – warm, sincere, and affectionate. The Latin root means “of the heart.”
  17. diplomatic – tactful and courteous, who knows how to make peace and soothe offenses, like a good diplomat or ambassador.
  18. distinguished – celebrated for their accomplishments, who stands out above the crowd.
  19. elegant – graceful and refined, precise and restrained in style.
  20. eminent – for someone who stands out as remarkable and noteworthy in their field. Not to be confused with imminent.
  21. enchanting – for someone with an attractive personality, who delights others with their charm.
  22. engaging – interesting and appealing, who makes others want to be involved with him or her.
  23. enthusiastic – eager, even excited; fervent and zealous. Originally a religious term among the ancient Greeks.
  24. estimable – worthy of admiration and respect. You would get an idea of its meaning if you misspelled and mispronounced it as “esteemable.”
  25. fun – entertaining, amusing, and enjoyable. A compliment for those who help others laugh, not a compliment for those who are laughed at.
  26. genial – cheerful and friendly, from the Latin for “festive.” The word congenial adds the Latin prefix for “with.”
  27. gracious – for someone who doesn’t embarrass, who is always tactful, kind, and warmly courteous.
  28. graceful – for someone who isn’t embarrassed, who is elegant and natural.
  29. handsome – good-looking: usually an attractive man, but sometimes a striking and impressive woman.
  30. honorable – worthy of honor and respect, or who is honest and principled.
  31. inspiring – encouraging and energizing. Not as sentimental as the word inspirational so it’s more useful as a compliment.
  32. jolly – merry and cheerful. Famously used to describe Santa Claus.
  33. jovial – good-humored and outgoing, traditionally influenced by the planet Jupiter.
  34. kindly – gentle and affectionate, considerate and warm-hearted. Typical of grandparents.
  35. laudable – commendable and praiseworthy, someone who should be extolled and applauded.
  36. likable – easy to like, personable, endearing.
  37. masterful – skillful and proficient, a master of their craft, or sometimes a master of other people.
  38. pleasant – agreeable, pleasing, personable. One of the most general and innocuous words in this list.
  39. praiseworthy – commendable, admirable, meritorious.
  40. refined – cultured, elegant, polished, not vulgar, sometimes prissy.
  41. refreshing – invigorating, stimulating, vitalizing, pleasantly different.
  42. remarkable – notable, amazing, extraordinary. Worth writing down.
  43. reputable – respectable, well-regarded, with a good reputation. A reputable merchant will not cheat you, and others can confirm that fact.
  44. skillful – proficient, adept, talented, able, practiced.
  45. smart – clever, intelligent, shrewd, cultivated. An elegant person may be a smart dresser.
  46. solid – reliable, substantial, dependable. Solid people can be counted on, like a solid floor.
  47. sweet – kind, pleasant, thoughtful, not sour or bitter. A word much more common used by women.
  48. sympathetic – compassionate, friendly, especially when you’re troubled. From the Greek for “suffering together.”
  49. thoughtful – considerate, caring, attentive, solicitous. Because a thoughtful person thinks about you, they help you.
  50. worthy – deserving, having worth, principled, deserving, reputable.

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