Let’s Party!

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From a reader comes the question:

Could you cover the term ‘carousing’ and how to use it correctly, along with other party-related terms? Thanks!

Carousing suggests noisy, drunken celebration. People leaving bars singing and shouting can be said to be carousing.

The neighbors caroused into the early morning hours.
Jack and his friends were carousing in Florida when the accident occurred.

The word comes from Middle French carousser “drink, quaff, swill.” Swill, as a verb, suggests piggish over-indulgence: He swilled one drink after another.

Here are some other expressions, some of them euphemisms, for partying in the sense of over-indulging in drink or other mood-enhancers.

party down
rave it up
make merry
paint the town (paint the town red)
whoop it up
let your hair down
live it up
have a ball
have a wild time
have an orgy (connotes sexual indulgence as well as inebriation)

… who live at her mansion, Ekeby Manor, and work in her iron mine. These men, the ”Cavalieri di Ekebu,” are certainly a carousing bunch of good-for-nothings. But Giosta joins them, and through various plot contrivances everyone is redeemed … (www.nytimes.com)

… of marches and parties that can easily overwhelm even the most extroverted among us. But there are plenty of ways to celebrate Pride away from some of the weekend’s most crowded events — including Ms. Minogue’s Sunday appearance a … (www.nytimes.com)

… national Democrats have celebrated the President Trump-inspired surge of activist energy coursing through the party in their efforts to take control of the House, many of those same leaders have moved to tame that energy, from Co … (www.nytimes.com)

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