Breakthrough Copyediting and Proofreading

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Welcome to your next chapter—literally. Whether you’re looking to add another feather to your career cap or are ready to trade in that office chair for a cozier reading nook, proofreading might be your calling. Imagine a career where you set the pace, enhance the impact of the written word, and pay the bills, too.

This course is your one-stop shop, your go-to manual for all things proofreading and copyediting. We’ll walk you through the intricacies of the craft, break down client hunting, and get you ready for long-term success. No fluff—just actionable insights and hands-on practice.

But this isn’t about instant fame and fortune. It’s about building a career that’s both rewarding and sustainable. So, buckle up, keep an open mind, and let’s get those red pens—or cursors—ready.

What We’ll Cover in This Course:

  • Recommended Tools and Discounts
  • Chapter One: Introduction to Proofreading
  • Chapter Two: Spelling
  • Chapter Three: Grammar
  • Chapter Four: Punctuation
  • Chapter Five: Syntax
  • Chapter Six: Other Errors
  • Chapter Seven: Types of Proofreading
  • Chapter Eight: Proofreading Methods
  • Chapter Nine: Establishing Your Proofreading Career
  • Chapter Ten: Finding Clients

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