Note Taking Tips

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Writers may all have digital recorders but there are still some times when we need to take notes the old fashioned way. You know, with a pen and paper. If you’re interviewing someone before writing an article, it’s good to take notes just in case the technology fails.

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The apostrophe is a possessive kind of punctuation mark, but it’s also used in another way. When we leave something out of a word or phrase, the apostrophe marks the place where it was left out. We use this in everyday speech without even thinking about it.

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Audience is Everything

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Just as real estate revolves around the old adage, Location! Location! Location!, students, teachers, authors and any writer worth his or her salt lives by a motto as well. Quite simply, audience is everything.

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There, Their, They’re

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When two words sound alike (known as homonyms), it ‘s easy to think they mean the same thing. English being what it is, they usually don’t and it’s important to get them right so you say exactly what you mean.

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