75 Terms Pertaining to Color

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This post lists numerous nouns and adjectives that describe or pertain to qualities of color, plus brief definitions.

1. ablaze: bright and full of light or color
2. bleached: washed out as a result of exposure to chemicals or sunlight
3. bold: very bright, clear, or strong in color
4. brash: contrasting vividly
5. bright: filled with light, or having a light but strong color
6. brilliant: very bright
7. chatoyant: having a changeable color
8. chroma: purity of color
9. color scheme: combination of colors used in a design
10. colorful: distinguished by bright colors or many colors
11. colorless: lacking color
12. complementary: matching well
13. contrast: differences in color or light
14. cool: containing blue or green
15. dappled: marked with spots of color or light
16. dark: heavily saturated
17. deep: see dark
18. delicate: a charming or dainty quality
19. depth: brightness of a color
20. discolored: see faded
21. dusty: dark or dull
22. faded: lacking brilliance or freshness
23. fast: resistant to fading
24. fauve: see vivid
25. festive: bright and cheerful
26. fiery: very bright red, orange, or yellow, or a combination of two or three of these colors
27. flamboyant: brightly or elaborately colorful
28. flaming: bright or glowing red, orange, or yellow
29. fluorescent: very bright and reflective
30. gay: see brilliant
31. glowing: see bright and warm
32. ground: color used as a base in painting
33. harmonious: pleasantly complementary
34. harsh: excessively bright
35. hue: color
36. intensity: see chroma
37. iridescent: showing various colors in different types of light or from different angles
38. light: pale or minimally saturated
39. loud: ostentatiously bright
40. matching: of the same color
41. medium: between light and dark
42. mellow: clear, warm, and soft
43. monochrome: made of one color or of shades of one color
44. monotone: uniform
45. multicolored: consisting of many colors
46. muted: soft, not bright
47. nacreous: see iridescent
48. neutral: not bright or strong
49. opalescent: see iridescent
50. pastel: pale and soft
51. pearlescent: see iridescent
52. psychedelic: very bright, with busy patterns
53. pure: clear, unmixed
54. rich: deep, vivid
55. riot: disorderly or random
56. saturation: see chroma
57. shade: a variation of a color caused by the addition of black
58. sickly: unpleasantly pale
59. sober: plain, not bright
60. soft: pale and gentle
61. somber: dark and dull
62. tinge: slight shading
63. tint: a variation of a color caused by the addition of white
64. tonal: pertaining to a tone
65. tonality: range of colors in a painting or image
66. tone: see shade
67. translucent: very light or pale or light
68. two-tone: having two colors
69. value: degree of brightness
70. vibrant: bright and colorful
71. violent: very bright, intense
72. vivid: very bright, strong
73. warm: containing red, orange, or yellow
74. washed out: pale, desaturated
75. watery: pale

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