The Letter “Z” Will Be Removed from the English Alphabet

By Daniel Scocco

Surprising as it sounds, it looks like the English alphabet will be losing one of its letters on June 1st. The announcement came from the English Language Central Commission (ELCC).

Here is a quote from the press release:

After carefully considering and debating the matter for over two years, the ELCC came to the conclusion that the letter “Z” should be removed from the English alphabet. The main objective of this change is to simplify the phonetic aspect of the language, and to unify the American and British spellings.

What will happen to the words that have the letter “z” in them? It depends on the word. According to the ELCC, words that started with a “z” will now start with an “x”. Examples include:

  • zero becomes xero
  • zoo becomes xoo
  • zone becomes xone
  • zodiac becomes xodiac

Words that featured a “z” with the “s” sound, on the other hand, will now be officially written with the “s” (i.e., unifying the American and British spelling). Examples include:

  • visualize becomes visualise
  • analyze becomes analyse
  • materialize becomes materialise

What do you think about this change? Will it really simplify the English language, or will it make things more confusing?

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236 Responses to “The Letter “Z” Will Be Removed from the English Alphabet”

  • MS

    It must be an early April Fools joke.

  • David Blackstone

    …and a fairly obvious one at that 🙂

  • Miriam Robbins Midkiff

    What about people with the letter Z in their name?

  • Andy

    I’m not sure what to think on this one. I was leaning towards the thought of removing the letter X instead, making words like xylophone, xylene and xanadu easier to spell. However, words such as exit, exsist and exercise would look really strange as ezit,ezist and ezercise. Yet, I just can’t wrap my head around xone or xoo, the former looking too much like x-one and the latter reminding me of “kisses and hugs”.

  • Jeannine

    There’s no other explanation. This is a cruel April Fool’s joke. Shame on you!

  • Ray Ward

    What MS said in the first comment. It must already be April 1 in Britain or wherever the ELCC is.

  • jason Simmons

    First off, are you crazy. Yeah that word has a z in it. Is it gonna b craxy or crasy? And I like the question about people with z in their names. Who do you people think you are?

  • Paul will appreciate this =]

  • Leah McClellan

    It sounds kind of sensible, but what about Scrabble? I mean, I count on that Z and those 10 points on a triple word score square. I guess they’ll have to faze/fase? out the old games with the Z? Maybe X will get 10 points instead of 8 now.

  • Jeff Watkins

    News alert — this just in: We need the letter ‘Z’.

  • Prashant Badiger

    Hmm……Sounds interesting. What if the last letter “Z” is removed from the alphabet. So what will we say to zebra? xebra or zoology as xoology. Oh god so much confusion!!! Truly speaking, the letter ‘x’ is used very less in any content, word or story. The word ‘amazing’ has a great punch, but how it will sound when we we say ‘amaxing’, neither the word will make any sense nor it will be accepted by the readers. The letter “Z” has a great significance and scope so I think removing it from the alphabet will be a wrong decision.

  • sandy

    the person, who wrote this about “Z” sounds insane…. if he right then he should be at the Xenith.

  • Sherry Beth Connot

    I can’t imagine calling my kid Xachary. Made me look though!

  • Magdalena

    Poor Zorro!! What will he do now? Especially on April 1st.

  • Hal

    What a great idea! Who needs it. After all, its pulling up the rear, dead last in the alphabet. I say good riddance.
    I’m particularly fond of A either. Being first, it tends to get a little arrogant sometimes.
    I’m sure there are others we could do without as well. I’m might get zapped.

  • Michael

    Well played!

  • Bruce H

    Snassy. Or is snaxxy?

  • Carol Roberts Smith

    Take & Bring – why can’t we ‘take’ anything anywhere anymore? Why do we have to ‘bring’ it. It sounds weird to me to say bring or brought. ‘I brought lunch to work’ I can live with, but ‘I have to bring this back to the store’ makes no sense to me. I’m taking it back to the store one way or another. Help me understand please. I notice it on TV a lot now too. Thanks!

  • Frederick Fuller

    The change will confuse old timers like I. I’m sure the “z” will live on in my writing for a long time, if not forever. Sure glad I don’t do spelling contest anymore. What about ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ to indicate sleeping? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX? Now, how do we distinguish XXXXXXXXXXXX from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX meaning kisses? Dunno. I think the ELCC doesn’t have a lot to do.

  • Angela

    This must be an April Fools joke. Removing Z doesn’t really make sense. Imagine everyone having to relearn all their z words 🙂

  • kai-bo

    I love it. All those people whose surnames began with “Z” will no longer be last in the phone book. Those people whose last names begin with “Y” will now have to take their places where they belong, cleaning up after the parade!

    Good one!

  • Eric Cooperstein

    I’ll bet the supporters of “K“ are relieved.

  • KQJohnson

    I fell right into that one! My first real April Fool’s joke of the day.

  • Spirit

    Wonder what they’d do with that extra space on the keyboard…

    What about the word Zebra? Sebra? Xebra? Eww. Yes, it’s cool we’re unifying the language across the globe from one country to the next but let’s not forget- we’re individualistic (in theory). Besides, we don’t use the phrase ‘snogging’ or any other British terms here in America- so what if we keep some little letter they don’t? It makes us different.

    If we’re going to change something why haven’t we gone for a more obvious rout and changed color to colour or check to cheque? Why immediately go for the letter Z?

    On an ironic note, think of all the spell check software we’d have to update. Children of the next generation reading library books and wondering what that funny little letter is. What about my Alphabits cereal? Would New Zealand…

    I’ll stop myself there. I think it’s interesting either way but I’d rather it be a prank. True, it’d make spelling a lot of things on the fly easier- so many children do have trouble with the letter, but I shudder at how much we’d have to fix if we removed it.

  • Kaye Gregory

    My inhaling astonished denying gasp exhaled as a whispering “April Fools!” You revved up my adrenaline though!

  • thebluebird11

    I reali[z]e this is an April Fool post, but truly, if we want to unify things, why stop at one ocean? I say, “LONG LIVE ESPERANTO!!”

  • ChrisB

    Actually, the opposite would be much more useful — make every word where the x sounds like a z actually use a z, eg, zerox.

    I’d do the same thing with g & j and c & s too. And ch & k.

    My eldest is learning to read, and all too often I have to say, “This doesn’t follow the rule, but …”

  • Julie Hewett

    very nicely done …

  • knowman

    Nice one!

  • AmaT

    Outrageous! This is just as ridiculous as those who decided that Pluto is no longer a planet!

    I agree with Frederick – the ELCC needs to find something useful to do.

  • Melissa Ramer

    This is a lovely April Fool’s joke. Congratulations.

    The financial repercussions of updating all the A-B-C books, songs, and first grade teachers’ manuals alone make this improbable. Think of all the new dictionaries, keyboards, etc! Oh, wait–maybe that’s the point. A new market for re-spelled words?

  • Debbie

    And now ve can finally zay to all ze vorried peepel zat ze Germanic and Zlavic langvaches have reqvested dis letter – and it vaz agreed by ze authorities datt zo be it.

  • Rich

    Great April Fool joke. First thing I noticed was the supposed ‘ELCC’ – unlike our French counterparts, we in the UK have no formal or official body to manage or preserve our native language!

  • Sharon H

    The responses to this piece are at least as entertaining as the original April Fool’s joke! Good one.

  • sonny chen

    letter Z removing is for ‘April 1, special joke for american english. why change for something so unique about the language. just a thought.

  • JohnsSocks

    Z pisses me off anyway. It can go away. It hurts to step on, looks like an ‘N’ when you turn it sideways, and I have broken many pencils writing the bastard. 🙁

  • Desert Rat

    I agree with Sharon H… the responses are a hoot!


    Considering the remote chance that this is not an April Fool’s joke, Rex Harrison some years ago questioned, “why can’t the English learn to speak?” (My Fair Lady) Now it appears the English can perhaps no longer write either. Is this , then, not a good time to begin to speak “American”? We can surely do a much better job of it.

  • Erik

    “First off, are you crazy. Yeah that word has a z in it. Is it gonna b craxy or crasy? And I like the question about people with z in their names. Who do you people think you are?”

    Hahaha =)

  • thebluebird11

    @JohnsSocks: Oh nooooo!! Z is jazzy, snazzy, zany and zippy! It can zigzag, zero in and zap. It can be zealous! It can add zing, or not (in case you want to catch some zzzzzzzzzzz).
    We need ZIP codes! We need Ziplocs to hold zebras. Think of all the medications that would have to be pulled off the market…Zoloft, Zyvox, Zegerid, Ziac and Zetia…What about Zorro, Ziggy Marley, Ziggy Stardust, Ziggy from the comics, Warren Zevon (RIP) and Zooey Deschanel? Billy Joel will have to re-title his song about Zanzibar…and OMG what about ZZ Top!!! Aieeeee!! LOLOL

  • BigBenFactor

    If this is not a April Fool’s joke, then I do not agree with replacing the letter ‘z’ with ‘s’ as in ‘organise’ rather than ‘organize”

    The zpelling tells me a lot about the author, and where he/she is from. Who is going to fiz the spell checker? 🙂

    Leave it alone.

  • Melissa Ramer

    It would make the xoo sound naughty.

  • BigBenFactor

    It is the economy ‘ztupid’ Typewriting manufacturing will save money on one less letter. Remember the typewriter? Oh, alright, how about the keyboard manufacturing. Got it? Good. 😀


  • CalcDave

    The Wizard of Ox?

  • Nelida K.

    I was going to message asking since when did a language authority exist in Britain for the English language (like the “Academias de la Lengua” in Spanish for Latin America and the “Real Academia Española” in Spain) when I happened to look sideways to the calendar pinned onto my copy holder, and it dawned on me… I decided to play an April Fool prank of my own. I tweeted the post and asked for opinions, but nobody took the bait, so I tweeted again a “part II” and confessed to having been naughty…..

    Happy Easter, everybody!

  • Nelida K.

    And, since we are at it, a bit of factual information. In the Latin-speaking world, April Fool’s Day is not in April (well, this does not make a lot of sense, does it?). Fact is, there is no April Fool’s Day, but there is an equivalent, which is called “Día de los Inocentes” (Day of the Innocent) and it is on December 28, and is also celebrated by playing all sorts of pranks on those unsuspecting souls innocent enough (or otherwise occupied) to fall for them…

  • tmg

    This is hilarious! Thanks, everybody ~

  • Melissa Ramer

    “Xeitgeist” just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  • John Turner


    Great post. I linked to it in my blog.

    Thanks for the inspiration. This is a very helpful website. Thanks for the great service you provide.

    Happy Resurrection Weekend to you!

  • Viking Bastard

    The Icelandic alphabet used to have the Z, but it was removed from the language through laws set by the Icelandic parliament in 1972 (which went into effect in 1974). The parliament debates are legendary and were very fierce.

    The rationale for the expulsion actually mirrors the reasons given in that article pretty well.

  • T.Vilaça

    I’m scared!

    Hopefully it’s April Fool. Ok then.

    Just one thing that occured to me:
    How to distinguish between the ‘GZ’ and the ‘KS’ sounds?

    As in Exercise, Exagerate, Exam, Example, Xerxes, Xerox…
    (all ‘GZ’, right?).
    Or as in Extreme, Excellent, Extra, Exclude, Ex, Excited…
    ( all ‘KS’, yep?)

    Could anyone please enlight me on that ?

  • Peth

    Didn’t Mark Twain have this idea 100ish years ago. Only he reformed English completely.

  • Melissa Ramer

    April Fool’s, T.Vilaca! (And yes, your “gz” and “ks” observations are correct.)

  • thebluebird11

    Wasn’t going to step in, but…OK I’m stepping in. I’m only speaking for US English-speakers here. Dunno what people in other parts of the world are taught, including those in the UK. Dunno where Melissa Ramer is from.

    *Exercise is KS (EK-ser-size), not GZ.
    *Exagerate is spelled with two Gs, (exaggerate).
    *Xerxes and Xerox: The first Xs take the Z sound only; the second Xs each word take the KS sound (Zer-ksees, Zeer-oks).

    There, I’ve said my piece.

  • Mark Jordan

    Wow, this is craxy? First they demote Pluto, and now this. I love my Z and will go down fighting.

  • thebluebird11

    Oh yeah…and while I’m at it, I can enlightEN you that “occurred” has a double R as well…I’m not being mean…I’m being O-C. I assume you’re trying to improve your English; just trying to help. IMHO everyone should do that (including me).

  • Melissa Ramer

    You’re right, bluebird. I didn’t look closely enough.

  • thebluebird11

    No problem. My shrink is trying to find a medication that will work for my OCD LOL. When he does, I will spend a lot less time worrying about what happens to the letter Z and a lot more time being productive!

  • Gustavo Benitez

    I can’t believe this! I just invested all the money I recovered from my Madoff investments into a company that manufactures Zs!!! What is next?

  • Craig

    This is really happening, but only in England and New Xealand

  • Tim Krauss

    Hey, if you bought this I have a bridge to sell you. Oh, and check out “Google”, I got a hoot.

  • BigBenFactor

    Hello? Looks like my two comments were deleted or not approved.
    Any reasons for that?

  • D. Taylor-French

    Funny. I really thought it might make things easier. But then I knew I’d just want a divorce from X because I’d miss Z too much.

    I mean to lose piZZa, Zipper, Zing, Zoe!
    That’s too much.

  • Rafa

    LOL, obviously got to be a joke from april’s fool day….(don’t trust me) might be not… :S

  • nakomaru

    Actually, all of your examples in the second list should be in your first list. They should be “visualixe” “analyxe” and “materialixe”. At least, according to how everyone I’ve ever heard pronounce it, Brits included, and the Mirriam-Webster dictionary.

  • Suzanne

    I’m relieved to learn this was just an April Fool’s joke. Very clever!

    My name has a z in it and I come from New Zealand – Suxanne from New Xealand? No way!

    If someone really wanted to simplify the phonetic aspect of English spelling, z would be very important to keep – for example, what about the difference between ‘close’ as an adjective (a close shave) and ‘close’ as a verb (close the door)? Spelled more phonetically the latter would have to be ‘cloze’. The way we say it in New Xealand, anyway!

  • gmair

    why the Z???? I’ve always wondered why we hace the letter C. It doesn’t have its own sounds. It is either a ‘k’ or an ‘s’ sound. we should replace it with the either the K or S respectively for example the word bicycle should be spelled bisykle. I have further issues with the Y swinging both ways but that is for another forum. Another usless lett is the ‘Q’ it is uselss without a u behind it and really if you stick a kw together it makes the same sound as qu. For example try say kween wouldn’t you pronounce it the same as queen? last of all ‘x’ the obvious ‘z’ sounds can be replaced by letter Z. But the other sound ‘x’ makes is demonstrated by the word makes which has no x in it. Say the words makes out loud you’ll here an ‘x’ sound though. that is because ‘ks’ is the sound X makes so except should be eksept. Some may argue the ks is two letters and x simplifies the sound but then why not make a new lett for ch, sh, st, and the really baffling one ck?

  • Ole Friis Larsen

    I think, this removal of the ‘Z’ is to aprilize the language too far 🙂

  • Dan

    There must not exist an ELCC because implementing this change would do nothing to the phonology of English as described in the quote – a phonological change would require that everyone stop _pronouncing_ the ‘z’ as a ‘z’. This change would change the orthography primarily, perhaps with some phonological ramifications. Happy (belated) April Fool’s Day!

  • Cza

    This is impossible. What exactly becomes of my name now? Does this mean they’re removing the letter Z from device keyboards as well?

  • Tiago Vilaça

    Thanx Melissa and Bluebird11!!!

    Very useful tips and corrections.
    Thanx for warning me about my misspellings. I’ve checked those words pointed out by bluebird11 and that’s all correct. Not only for Am English. That’s the standard – according to the dictionaries.

    Well, sorry to bother you all again, but do you guys know if there are any words starting with ‘GZ’ sound ???

  • Melissa Ramer


  • Tiago Vilaça

    In English I meant, por supuesto.

    (That’s German, right?!)

  • Melissa Ramer

    Yes, that’s German, but also appears in English dictionaries. That’s not what you had in mind though, is it?
    No, I know of no English word starting with the letter X that has the GZ sound.

  • Tiago Vilaça

    Well, well…

    I’ll take it eventually. But I could swear I heard the Spartan King saying ‘Let’s give this ‘GZerGZes’ a lesson…’ refering to Xerxes, the Persian God-Kind in the movie ‘300’. Well, maybe that’s just Americans trying an obscure ancient Greek accent.

    I’m done. I guess I accept this.
    Gracias, though.
    BTW, Melissa, may I ask where are you from?

  • thebluebird11

    @ #44 (CalcDave), #59 (Gustavo), #68 (Ole Friis): LOLOL. Very funny and clever!
    I’ve never seen so many posts in one day here…it was great, but now I need to get back to work!
    Thanks, DWT, for the memories!

  • thebluebird11

    Tiago, I have never seen that movie, but perhaps he was deliberately mispronouncing it, to make fun of Xerxes and show his contempt for him? Or, perhaps because Xerxes was some upstart and little-known foreigner to him, he would never have heard of him and would not have known how to pronounce the name (in the movie, not in real life)? You know the old expression, “That’s Greek to me!” (although I’ve always wondered what the Greek expression is…)

  • Big Mike

    That’s just crasy!

  • gigioglvz

    what are going to do those people that have the letter z as their favorite letter? I can’t believe this is gonna happen

  • Melissa Ramer

    Hi Tiago (Santiago?)
    I’m from the USA but also speak Spanish and have a German heritage.
    Xerxes–pronounced Zerk-seez–is how I’ve always heard it.
    Now I suppose I will have to watch the movie “300” and listen for it. 😉

  • Gay Quizzy

    DUH! Such an April Fools’ Joke! Has anyone bothered looking up ELCC on Google? It does not exist! Everyone has been taken for an April ride! There’s no way I will change to Gay Quixxy! Double DUH!

  • daddyjohn

    Who are the members of ELCC?

  • Tarang Goyal

    well den :(( what will happen to d spelling of my fav anime dragonball Z.
    And chemistry’s slater rule’s Z-effect… den we will have to change d name of that effect too.. and it wud b better to remove dat effect along wid d alphabet too.. 😉

  • rashmi singh

    i guess many of us not going to belief that but i think its true
    . Not only “z” there are lots of things which we r leaving or removing from a life…

    we kw there is “Z” but wt if coming generation dont kw that there was “Z” letter was there..

    evry thing is possible.

    previously we all speak our own language
    now .. we speak mixture of all countries language
    and we even dont mind it becoz (because) it makes are life easier

    if u clearly see urself from beganing to till now u can see

    wts going on..:)


    rashmi 🙂

  • Carly

    This is so fake. Why would the letter Z be removed from the alphabet? That would be preposterous. It’s a very useful letter. And this was posted March 31st at 7:07 pm, so it was clearly mean to be an April Fool’s joke. I believed it until I saw the day it was posted. It’s just a bunch of crap anyways so don’t believe it.

  • Kranti

    What will happen to amazon???? amaxon or amason??

  • sampreeti dey

    lets c…
    wat will happen to the scientific terms that r symbolized by “z”, if z’s gonna b abolised.. eg:- impedence in physics is denoted by “z”?
    seems that the science would also reform itself into a new avatar with the english alphabets..:)

  • Daniyal

    Lol. Nice one guys… I almost feel for the joke until i googled elcc which doesnt even exist. Haha…

  • Bruce Reynolds

    This is crazy talk, excuse me, craxy talk.

  • Stephen the Phonologist

    ERROR in blog post:
    “Words that featured a /z/ with the /s/ sound, on the other hand, will now be officially written with the ‘s’. visualize becomes visualise. analyze becomes analyse. materialize becomes materialise.”

    Sorry, but visualiZe, analyZe, and materialiZe all have /z/ sounds, not /s/ sounds. They are very clearly VOICED alveolar fricatives, not UNVOICED as the author would have us believe. Thus, the American spelling more directly represents the sound in these cases. In fact, in most US/UK spelling discrepancies, the US spelling is more representative of the pronunciation (and vice versa: in pronunciation differences, the US sounding is usually closer to the spelling)

  • Nikhil

    Which of the following would be correct?

    a. Children love to make sand castles.

    b. Children love making sand castles.

    I am guessing both should do, but I have doubts.

  • thebluebird11

    Not sure what sandcastles have to do with the letter Z…IMHO both are correct, but you spell “sandcastles” usually as one word…not that it is not understood when the words are separated. The only other thing I would add is that ADULTS love making sandcastles too! 🙂

  • neocow

    I just fell for this. -.-

  • jmic368

    At least I knew now that ELCC really ezist?! should I write it?
    Thank you for the GREAT CONFUXION ELCC…

  • nvg

    just imagining what it would be like without z is crasy:
    say, what about the co-ordinate system?
    delicious pixxas?


    The expression of sleep – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    can’t be repalced with – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    It’s crazy !!!!!

  • Andre

    what about websites with letter z in the url?

  • christian

    WAAAH I got foooooled!! damn it

  • Shako

    I think this make things confusing
    bec now we have to change z-x or z-s in more than 1000 words

  • Haley Goodman

    i don’t think this is smart :/ i don’t like it!!!

  • CrimsonPageSmith

    If this letter is really being took out then it really sad because ever since we were little it been in the thing

  • Daniel Stam

    And what in the world will happen to the alphabet song? W X Y and??? Besides, it represents a waste of money. All the redesign for new electronic products’ keyboards…. CRASYYYY!!!

  • mizdee

    hahahaha! then i’ll be mixdee! oh c’mon….. :)))

  • Jakes

    This is definitely crazy! This is not a matter of developing phobia for change but the reasons for the change is untenable…
    Why unify the British & American English? Does that also unify the pronunciation? British is British and American is American: each should retain her phonetic heritage and patrimony

  • Melissa Ramer

    If you scroll back to the beginning and check the date, you’ll note that this was all an April Fool’s Day joke!

  • Zzzzzz…

    This is a clear example of people not having work to do.

    What will you represent “Zzzzzzz” (Sleep sound) with? “Sssssss”?

  • Dinesh

    A well written joke!

  • Geo TVc

    Z is already removed…..i checked…………..t

  • Craig

    But wait, there’s more…gullible is also being removed from the dictionary.

  • LakshmiNarayanan

    What about Zee TV? and the word Pizza…is it going to be Pissa…?

  • Manjit

    Then how ‘Zade’ wil be pronounced as ‘Xade’?

  • Gina

    Oh, this cannot be! Not Z! I refuse to discard the letter Z. This must be a joke. Of all the corrections they could make to the alphabet, why pick on Z? Why not K? I mean, we do have C to cover for K.

  • Elsa Joy

    Nice one!

  • Aks

    This is not not good! why to remove any letter..
    what about the people who has their name starting with Z
    like Zaheer or Zen.
    It was good letter to differanciate between the Hindi letters “ज
    ” and “झ”

    झ = jh
    ज = z

    Please dont remove “Z”
    What will be Zee TV the “XEE” TV?

  • Arputh

    Instead they would have removed some ‘la’s ‘ra’s & ‘na’s in Tamil.
    Thatt would be great!!

  • ponvel

    what about the z key in the keyboard?

  • Rajeev

    I really agreed on this discussion that the Letter ‘Z’ should be remove from alphabets.

  • Rajeev

    Please do not confuse with English Z & hindi झ…here the debate is for english letter ‘Z’. -Rajeev

  • Suresh Babu Balan


    First they should find a new letter instead of “z”, then they may remove it. To remove such a letter from a language is HUGE change you know….

    I don´t know how the people are going to accept it!!!!

  • DJ

    Means, both these sentences would be the same??

    some zones where there are zoos may have zebras playing xylophones with excitement during xmas

    some xones where there are xoos may have xebras playing xylophones with excitement during xmas

  • MyCollection

    Z key will be used as a functional key .. ctrl + z -> z only 😛

  • Maverick

    SEZ ( Special Economic Zone ) will become SEX

  • Abbas Raza

    if we go by phonetic , it might be a good suggestion, but there are many Names which cannot be changed just for the sake of phonetic of ‘Z’ letter.

    One of such instant is my Name only, if I change to
    Raxa—looks tooo awkward
    Rasa–Does not match at all….

    above is just an example, like that many are there, which would go absorb by this change.

    So, please give an second thought before makeing any such decisions and would be better to leave the letter as it is

    Abbas Raza.

  • Praveen

    hmm S E (X or Z) you choose your own…

  • Sunit

    “SEZ ( Special Economic Zone ) will become SEX”

    gr888 :D:D:D:D

  • Geetanjali

    We just dont want “Z” to be removed. It is not done!
    I Love All The Alphabets.

  • anand

    Does anyone know where is English Language Central Commission (ELCC)? Anyway this is a good one for April 1st.

  • Charlotte

    Hmmm. Are bees going to bussssss or buxxxxxx in future?

  • Nechie

    I’m so glad I used Greek alphabet.
    And my friend’s name is Zerelda. Zerelda = Xerelda? I don’t think so.

  • Nechie

    Post #122 WIN
    Oh and how are we going to sing the alphabet now with “Z” missing?

  • beey-abel

    no and never.kidding you. how about on laptop? letter “z” still on.

  • Khalisha

    It would be SO awkward… I mean… Z, would be removed? WHATS UP WITH THIS ELC businesss???? they are getting SERIOUSLY strange. Then our kids of the future will sing “y and x now I know my ABC’s” EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT KNOW their ABC’s!

  • ali

    but thats do it some problem
    how can i know thats z change tp s or to x or another latter

  • rohinee

    in india we already believe ‘English is a very very funny lanugage’.. seems more fun is on way..the idea tickle me..

  • Radheesh Krishna

    Hi all
    This scenario will leads to a catastrophic situations. The origin of almost languages are from our Prophets, Saints, Gurus its…
    We don’t have any right to ad or remove anything from the fundamentals of English.

  • Dinu

    Nice “All Fools Day” joke. Beautifully written! To celebrate the exit of ‘z’, people will ‘booxe’ and extra peg. What about Zakirs, Zafars, Zias… Razzaqs…. What is this razzmatazz?

    Also next year they want to change the calendar so that we have only 10 months in a year.

    Good Luck.

  • Arpan

    Nah!! not a great idea..

  • abhilash

    I don’t know what makes ELCC to be such cruel to letter “Z”

  • Ashraf Kerbelker

    If these people think of removing “Z” then why are they not thinking to correct the spellings of many words. The words should be spelled as it sounds, example : KNIFE should be NIFE, PHYSICS should be FEZICS and so on.

    These guys, i think have crossed the retirement age or they are retired and have nothing to do.

  • Amy

    Not good idea :(( cant think of removing ‘Z’….it will create more confusion for everyone !!!

  • Cool

    What about my favourite cartoon series “Dragonball Z”. Will it be called Dragonball X / Dragonball S / Dragonball C ????

  • Capri

    ROTF the things people believe when they get passed along in chain letters! This prank made it onto the Hoax-slayer site.

  • M. A. A Aziz

    My name is Abdulaziz, How it will be written then?

  • compucrat

    April’s joke spilling over to May? 🙂
    Stopping being serious, guys!

  • Thejus Krishna

    This is a great set back to those who are playing Scrabble. It will reduce their chance of scoring a triple or a double. I think they will have to reconsider their decision on this. 😀 🙂

  • Thejus Krishna

    What abt ‘Zzzzz’? Will it become ‘ssss’?
    And what about Zimbabwe?

  • Sun

    Whoever would listen to Jaxx Music ? Cheeeee

  • Nipun

    as per international standard we are using x,y, and “z” for indicating 3D GRAPHS . instead of “z” what will be ELCC’s suggestion.

  • adreana schewzoringa

    How will the word SEZ(Special Economic Zone) be pronounced now as Z will be replaced with X

  • shayam


    its good idea , we need to improve more

  • Sushma Hooda

    Well I suppose the ELCC had nothing to do for a while so came up with this crazy idea. Why do away with something which has worked well so far. I liked Andy,s comment that xoo looks like hugs and kisses and how would you spell Buzz, Buxx ? Lazy , laxy? and what about Dizzy . Dixxy, Craxy, snaxxy . they all look like new flavors of potato chips. Pleeeeeease spare us this craZy idea. I am looking forward to teaching my grandchildren the alphabets from A to Z.

  • ashokreddy

    Anyone know the official website for English Language Central Commission (ELCC). ?

  • Riyad A Salam

    What will the country Zimbabwe be called now? Ximbabwe or Simbabwe?

  • rahim

    hai it is interesting. let Z go to a sound sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Don’t disturb

  • Prabhu

    Nice joke lol…

  • imthiaz ahmed

    evn my name gotta Z in it.. and i clearly say that nobody hav d right to change the spelling of ma name and its pronunciation…
    and the idea of eliminating Z frm alphabets its

  • rajeshwari

    instead of z, it is better to remove “x”, as it involves the phoenetic sound of two letters ‘k” and ‘s’ or ‘k’ and ‘z’. for example,
    the words ‘xylophone’ sounds’ zylophone’ and
    ‘xerox’ sounds ‘zerox’ which can be written as ‘zerokz’ or ‘zeroks’ also,
    while the words,
    “zoo” cannot be pronounced as “xoo” that is “exoo”
    “zone” cannot be pronounced as “xone” that is “exone” etc.

    “Z” has a unique phoenetic sound and due to this feature, is used to differentiate the spellings for words using ‘s and ‘z’. It is not a combination of two sounds or letters and therefore does not create confusion in anyway.

  • RamBo

    what will happened to the cars with “Z” … Xoom, Xoom? its practically a big joke they just wants us to Smile…Buxx In?

  • Rajul

    As for as speaking & listening is concerned,it will not confuse us but in writing it may,since people have become habitual writing the “z”.

  • imthiaz ahmed

    watevr it may be Z r X
    but wats d need of removin letters ?..
    does thos ELCC membrs gonna carry thes alphabts, so dat dey feel its TOO HEAVY?..

  • Hadi

    And what will they do with words like; “ooze”, freeze, gauze, breeze, seize, seizure”, will they be changing all of it into “s”.

    And sometimes the ‘z’ is there to tell the reader that the letter in question is actually pronounced /z/ not /s/. Like “zone, zymology…etc.” And often the uncommon words such as, “zygomat, zygomatic”.

    We recognize the words, rather than reading them letter by letter. Changes occur not only in vocabularies with the passage of time, but also in gramattical structures. But to eliminate a letter in the alphabet, that is a bit difficult to digest.

    I personally like it to be there, although we cannot stop the process of langauge development.

  • Hadi

    And what will they do with words like; “ooze”, freeze, gauze, breeze, seize, seizure”, will they be changing all of it into “s”.

    And sometimes the ‘z’ is there to tell the reader that the letter in question is actually pronounced /z/ not /s/. Like “zone, zymology…etc.” And often the uncommon words such as, “zygomat, zygomatic”.

    We recognize the words, rather than reading them letter by letter. Changes occur not only in vocabularies with the passage of time, but also in gramattical structures. But to eliminate a letter in the alphabet, that is a bit difficult to digest.

    I personally like it to be there, although we cannot stop the process of langauge development.


  • T. Vilaça


    C’mon, just check the post’s date please…
    It was just a joke ( actually an April Fool’s Joke) and it is becoming and old one. Good to know people care, though.

    I’d be scared too.

  • gomathinatarajan

    if at all an alphabet should be removed let it be Q .if Q can’t stand without U,what difference ,it is going to make if it is removed

  • Philip Martin

    How come? it is impossible. It should be thr?

  • Roopa

    this is seriously a stupid thing.

  • Syed Arbab Ahmed

    It’s follishness in the 1st place as “Z” is the sound easily produce by tongue, they should not have removed it but add a secondary “T” as “T” in great languages like Arabic and Urdu have two letters for it, one pronouned “Tay” and other is “Tee”.

    What about the names, all and everything that has been written over the past centuries in english, and ELCC at least should have checked the dictionary to find that how many words starts from “Z” there are many, what about “ZEBRA” it neither sounds “S” nor “X”, the least words comes from “X” and not “Z”.

    I simply don’t get it.

  • raiju

    how can i call u crazy!!!! with out zzzzzzz!!!!

  • Murali Menon

    Like most others, I too would like to think of it as Joke for April fools’ day. They should have chosen 1st of April as the effective date instead of 1st June.

    On the other hand, if the guys at ELCC are indeed serious, I would say they should use their time for better things. Yes, … English is a slightly crazy (I wouldn’t like to spell it as ‘craxy’) language with all its funny spellings and pronunciations and I would prefer that it remains that way. Why change it to suit the Americans?

  • ramanarasimha

    I think somebody must be playing a joke. If it’s true, it’ll take some
    time to come to terms with this unnecessary removal of Z

    ramanarasimha Mysore

  • Endeavour

    though they are trying to improve phonetic language,

    I think, they will end up messing up many other things……..Remove the letter Z from keyboard, keypads…. people names……people signatures…documents….. oh my god, people using more zzzzzz will have to suffer a lot……..

    I disagree with replacing z—>x

  • Junifar

    Halah …. Capek deh…..

    Why not A ?

  • Asim

    I think it is unnecessary to have such change and these people have no right to do such practice. I think it is a joke.

  • steven f

    lol. funny april fools joke. :p

  • rabia

    pathetic idea!!!!

  • Sharukh

    Did anybody tell the Xebra.

  • zuha

    NICE JOKE!….u think all the words containing Z would actually change to x or s!…cant imagine all the web site’s name changing ….all the Books n dictionary issued up-to now changing….n oh of-course changing my own NAME!!!…come up with something more sensible next time PLEASE!

  • C.Liang

    The alphabet song is going to sound so funny now that the letter z is gone. Now you know your abc’s, next time won’t you sing it right please.

  • A.Witherfeilds

    This is real my dad who works in the government received a e-mail confirming this.

  • Hanz

    How if we remove all X, Y, Z for simplicity?
    removing letter ‘Z’ is kind of foolishness

  • Ashraf Younis

    So, what will happen for Zakai … Xakai !!!!
    it is a craxy idea :D)

  • Parul

    This is bullshit shouldnot happen wat will the chinese do???? lolz…..

    Most of their names start with Z

  • COLE ; N R

    Originator admits its s Joke- ELCC is the Joke = but if ye really want Spell Reform try Dr Bains’s “Saaspel”. Actually i want more letters – say 33. I fell in love with the small ð [ eth] at 14, and now also the Þ [thorn] /And what about medieval “joch” – not on keyboard or in Character map, but PM Menzies’name used it centuries ago so now in Scotland he is “Mingis” but here he is ‘menzees’. Bring these letters back – we need them!!!

  • arwind

    when will the alphabet “Z” be removed from alphabets of English?

  • rivo

    Where on earth is English Language Central Commission (ELCC)?
    in a xoo? lol
    Actually I’m now seeking for words containing letter “s” but pronounced as /z/. Can somebody give to me some amaxing website listing such words?
    Thank you ELCC fans…

  • Avi

    Xinedine xidane? Synedine sidane? That sucks.

  • variable

    If u replace the ‘Z’ by ‘X’ then what about the variables X,Y and Z in algebra….?? it must be insane to remove Z from alphabets..

  • Tapas Choudhury


  • anonymus

    Stupidness! ELCC never said the President is involved! HELLO … NO NEWS! Such idiots. Just taking one letter out of the alphabet is just the same taking your brain out of your head… >:(

  • Anil Saxena

    Good humor ; students will officially study X-oology or XX-oology or XXX-oology. LOL

  • Sumit

    There is no official body named English Language Central Commission… if anyone finds it inform me….

    Intelligent joke … still people are reading and responding…..


  • chandra sekar

    z alphabet cant’t be replace any world i love all the letters in the alphabets

  • Abdussalam

    I think this is not too good, because the beginners can be reached in a confusion what they put the substitute

  • devraj

    This step is appreciable. Yes, word can be possible to write on the above discussed way. eg xerox

  • venkat

    Changing of the English LanguageHaving chosen English as the preferred language in the EEC, the EuropeanParliament has commissioned a feasibility study in ways of improvingefficiency in communications between Government departments.European officials have often pointed out that English spelling isunnecessarily difficult – for example, cough, plough, rough, through andthorough. What is clearly needed is a phased programme of changes toiron out these anomalies. The programme would, of course, beadministered by a committee staff at top level by participating nations.In the first year, for example, the committee would suggest using ‘s’instead of the soft ‘c’. Sertainly, sivil servants in all sities wouldresieve this news with joy. Then the hard ‘c’ could be replaced by ‘k’sinse both letters are pronounsed alike. Not only would this klear upkonfusion in the minds of klerikal workers, but typewriters kould bemade with one less letter.There would be growing enthusiasm when in the sekond year, it kould beannounsed that the troublesome ‘ph’ would henseforth be written ‘f’.This would make words like ‘fotograf’ twenty per sent shorter in print.In the third year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expektedto reash the stage where more komplikated shanges are possible.Governments would enkourage the removal of double letters which havealways been a deterent to akurate speling.We would al agre that the horible mes of silent ‘e’s in the languag isdisgrasful. Therefor we kould drop thes and kontinu to read and writ asthough nothing had hapend. By this tim it would be four years sins theskem began and peopl would be reseptive to steps sutsh as replasing ‘th’by ‘z’. Perhaps zen ze funktion of ‘w’ kould be taken on by ‘v’, vitshis, after al, half a ‘w’. Shortly after zis, ze unesesary ‘o kould bedropd from words kontaining ‘ou’. Similar arguments vud of kors be aplidto ozer kombinations of leters.Kontinuing zis proses yer after yer, ve vud eventuli hav a reli sensiblriten styl. After tventi yers zer vud be no mor trubls, difikultis andevrivun vud fin it ezi tu understand ech ozer. Ze drems of the Guvermntvud finali hav kum tru.

  • fahad almulhim

    it is really nice joke and nice try as well..but it will not work . it may change the history of the English language. what about zoologist..also some names even in arabic.. ziad ..xiad..or zaid ..xaid.. no it will not work. if this happened sure we will demonstrate and will also make a denied speech at the Hyde Park Corner . ok girls and boys who will cooperate with us and agree to demonstrate at the speech corner ..just send me msg pls.

  • keshab

    Nice joke ..have this type word.

  • Bill

    What on earth is going to happen to the Zebra……

  • Pappoos

    1. ZZZ…!!! (snore) will be replaced by XXX…!!! in comics and cartoons. It’s wonderful to replace sleep with sex!

    2. Azim Premji, Zaheer Khan, Nazir Hussain, Catherine Zeta Jones and millions of others will run behind the govt authorities and courts to get their driving license, deeds, registered docs and voters ID cards to be updated with new spellings.

    3. Newspapers will make handsome money through name change ads by businesses and individuals.

    4. Atleast a 20 million will get jobs in all industries for updating documents and soft content to replace Z with the other craps.

    5. Software companies will analyze the possibility of a global mass converting tool for Z, X and S.

    6. Change in the QWERTY structure will provoke the keyboard manufacturers to think of having a new key for the left little finger.

    Yes, such a change would create wonderful opportunities for people in all sector. I’m sad abt just one thing –

    7. This web page will disappear with immedate effect. It has the letter “Z” in the URL.


  • mario dcunha

    What about the Z E B R A ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaya

    Really it makes more confusion!!!!

  • mwewa

    What about words that already have x in them, like next. How do we spell those? nekst?

  • Shazia

    lolllzzzz.. foolish bit of news!!!!

  • Oliver silomba

    I think the whole idea sux. For real the ELCC has nothing to do and they just want to make people know that they also exist but in a BAD way. I hope its nothing to do with the New World Order. They should remove X instead

  • Ben

    This is stupid.
    I have friends called Zev, and Zac.
    Are they going to have to change their birth certificate, every form of ID and everything that has their name on it to Xev or Xac?
    This is actually really stupid, and totally unfair to those people.
    Might as well change the letter A to a.. G or K or something while you’re at it, just to confuse people some more.

  • Diane James

    I believe this is a hoax. See:

  • Becky the Floridian

    Love it! Got a huge chuckle reading the comments. They are at least, if not more funny than the original joke! ♥

  • Dora

    Take our Z away?
    No, NO, NO!
    It would be as bad as changing the words to our National Anthem, Christmas Carols, the notes to the Blue Danube or to the Lord’s Prayer. What kind of ego does it take for someone to think they can change things that have been established for hundreds of years?

  • Chuckles

    I don’t know about “z”, but I argued for the elimination of “c” from the English alphabet in a college Public Speaking class. It can be replaced by “s”, “k”, and “tsh”. Voila, no more “c”s and simpler spelling.

  • Caleb

    Somewhere, this is an upset Pat Sajak.

  • Loretta

    It was a great April Fool post.

    I mentioned this on the email edition, but didn’t see it on the website, though I must admit I skimmed through the last fifty or so.

    The letter Z is important for the officials on the Canada-USA border. If they have a reason to find out for sure someone claiming American citizenship is really from the USA and not Canada or the UK, ask him or her to say the last three letters of the alphabet. Most Canadians and Brits I’ve known would respond, “X Y Zed,” while US citizens will say, “X Y Zee.” Some in the US have never even heard of the letter Zed.

  • Muamer

    ok that wuld make it more confuseing like the word pizza or if z was removed pixxa

  • Nelson Amoranto

    This is not good. You’re asking the world to do a very big unlearning activity that affects all languages. Not to mention the kids who have been accustomed to the 26 letters of the alphabet. Just please let it be how it is now. I don’t see how this is going to help us all live a better life. I don’t see this being the problem of most countries.

  • Zoe

    so i would be xoe. not bad, but this is a pretty stupid joke in my opinion.

  • veerendra

    and what about ctrl+z ??
    ctrl + x is already globally assigned for cut ..
    how to undo then 😛

  • Mathematician

    So now the 3D space will have two x axes. And people will write “xxx” to stand for sleep. Not to mention whoever using spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel will be very confused if they use more than 25 columns.

    On the joke itself, well, it’s too obvious.

  • sultan

    lool.only now they remember to unify the language.thers many things must unify not only this at all.i think its bad idea.

  • Guppie

    I think the whole idea is stupid. it be really confusing if z was taken out. i personally think nothing should be changed about the alphabet. i agree with Ben when it come to people with having that letter in there name. it be just horrible for those people.

  • michael

    these people are crazy/crasy to try to take the letter z out of the alphabet. why not take X out. we use it far less.

  • Chris

    what iz this? & @bluebird..GENIUS. but let us evaluate the konsept of speech regarding giving the other26 letterz ekstra work to do. For instance ‘x-ray’ EKSRAY?? or ‘chris’ kris?, noooo i would never put a ‘K’ In front of my name, it soundz unintellijent and ridikulous. <— imagine typing like that ??????? now that appears to be unintelligent, for the sake of keeping the English language at its height, we should appreciate every letter. and to all those idiots out there, pluto was, is, and always will be a planet, and it is within this solar system!!! so "put it back" since as you went up there and 'took it out of our solar system'

  • mike

    it dose not matter u cant stop peopul they are alredy spelling however they went becuse they are to dam lasy an pridful to look up there words in the dicshionary or use e spell checker. Thanks too celuler texting 2! Let evryone have there oun language and no wun will undarstend anwon enymor So their!

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • zaheera

    Oh no! Pleeez! I wanna keep my name! U can’t jus squash me n throw me away like dat. Wat about da Zebras in da world? Wat wud bcome of dem?

  • Crayton

    The better rule would be that Z becomes S when following a vowel, X otherwise.

    The letter S already makes the Z sound in many words, most notroious of all in plurals. This change is good because it officializes this fact.

    You wouldn’t remove Z, you’d only make it look identical to X. The uppercase letters could still look different.

    Some words might be spelled the same if Z becomes an S. Do avoid this you could 1) make the word with the S sound use double Ss, 2) change the word with the S sound to use a C, or 3) add a silent E after the S to give it a Z sound.

  • baldilocks

    If the French had been proposing this it would be to keep the ‘z’ and remove the hard ‘th’ zat way zee froggies would be able to speak perfect English

  • Summer Hunter

    I think it is one of the most stupidest things i have ever heard. Why change something that has been taught to every human being. Its just going to cause so much trouble in the school systems. i mean thank about it, all these younger kids that learned how to spell zoo (with a Z) are going to have to learn it all over again with a x. there will be so many pist off parents, because there kid/kids will be so confused. ELCC are u going to help the poor little kids who get all confused, because now there is no z in the alphabet. like i said its stupid and a bunch of bs. and yeah i hope its a early april 1st joke to.

  • Futurelover

    No! I love the letter ‘Z’…..nd not only that but it sounds better when u say La’z’er than wen u say La’s’er!
    Its gonna make things confusing so dont even think about removing tht letter! 😛

  • Greg Shaws

    I am seriously proposing adding 2 additional letters to improve life’s possibilities. Phonetically “li” ^ and “Loat” ^+ is like plural but means all possibilities. ^+ is all positive possibilities and can used as putting a + inside an o or an a like crossing a t.

    possibility^ Consider all possibilities or outcomes on all levels

    Possibility^+ all positive outcomes or possibilities on all levels

    consi^der consider all possibilities , think outside the box

    consider^+ consider all positive possibilities, think outside the box

    This is no April fools^ joke. I am thinking^+ of adding these to letters and how it will^+ Improve^= life by adding more options and positive possibilities.

    Could it be the fourth to, too two, to^?

    Greg Shaw

  • Zionist

    The UK is changing their language in an attempt to wipe Zion off the map and they do not have the final say and should beware;

    The Bible is filled with z words and on the very last page is written:
    Revelation 22:19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city (Zion), and from the things which are written in this book.

  • Anastacia

    Why? I mean z is an awesome letter why not take out Q or K?

  • Anastacia

    The message began as an April Fool’s joke that has escaped its original context. There are no plans to remove the letter Z from the English alphabet and no such entity as the “English Language Central Commission”.

  • Nick

    This is not real

  • Bryan

    This is a prank APRIL FOOLS JOKE ITS Fake!!!!!!!!

  • Robin (Ellie)

    What a stupid joke…

  • sonia

    Ok…April fool’s joke? I ask the question: June 1st of which year?… I am going to look up this entity the “English Language Central Commission”. Any way, I think the letter Z is the most sweet sound, so peaceful and soft ZZZZZzzzz

  • Dedelight4

    Removing the letter z from the alphabet is not reasonable and should NOT be done because of SOUND. Changing the words from “realize” to “realise” causes a SOUND change. I know this from working with singing and working with voice teachers who teach SOUND. “Z”, has it’s OWN particular sound, and the change from realize to realise CHANGES the sound from a Z letter to an S letter. Go ahead, sound it out. Saying the word REALISE, with an S, you have now changed the Z part of realize, to an sssssss sound as in ssssssssnake. It’s NOT the same SOUNDING word as REALIZE. Same with marginalize, capitalize, etc. We ALSO have to change the way we SAY these words, if this change is permanently made. I personally DON’T LIKE IT. The Z has purpose, and has been this way for most of the history of America. LET’S KEEP IT.

  • Mike

    In reference to this unelected ‘who-cares’ commission: The replacement of Z with an S shows the overbearing stupidity and self-righteous audacity of a self-appointed group of pseudo-thinkers attempting to enforce their boredom in an attempt of self-justification on an ever-increasingly stupid population.

    The removal of a letter only works to destroy a language and restricts or confines the ability to think.

    This “decision” by so-called thinkers is tantamount to removing purple becuase it’s too much like blue.

    This is a mockery of a person’s intelligence and anyone who replaces a Z with an S show’s their inability to think on their own, showing how little intelligence they have, and how unlike a true journalist they are.

    So maybe, this removal is a good thing, then we cal tell who are the journalists that regurgitate the agenda, and those who just report their news.

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