You Too Can Sponsor A Word!

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Of all the free language references available online, my absolute favorite is the Online Etymology Dictionary:

a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English…explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.

My usual practice in researching a post is to consult several references–online and in print. When my topic is a single word or expression, I usually begin with the Online Etymology Dictionary.

Hmm, I just tried to abbreviate the title, but realized that I can’t use its initials because they are the same as another, better-known reference.

In all the time I’ve been using the OEtyD, this is the first time I’d given any thought to how its creators are able to provide this wonderful site for free.

The other day my eye fell on a link I’d never noticed before:

Sponsor a word, and help keep the Online Etymology Dictionary free and open.

The link led me to the plea for donations, but unlike most such pleas, this one is hard to resist.

For a mere $10, donors can sponsor a word of their choice for six months.

Think of it! If no one else has already claimed it, you can sponsor a beautiful word like hyperventilation or minuscule.

You can dedicate a word to your girl friend or boy friend. You can even submit a photo to go with your word and a personalized message explaining why you chose it.

I couldn’t resist. After all, I do use this reference a lot. And I enjoy it. In fact, sometimes I enjoy it so much I spend more time “researching” than is absolutely necessary.

I’ve signed up to sponsor the word standard.

Check it out. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy browsing the Sponsors page and reading the various reasons for their word choices.

Online Etymology Dictionary
Home Page
Sponsors and their words

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8 thoughts on “You Too Can Sponsor A Word!”

  1. This has many great implications for “when you look up ______ you’ll find _______’s picture by it.” I’d sponsor words for my friends (and enemies). 😉

  2. 1. Maeve, what a gorgeous picture of you! Thanks for sharing. Now just tell me how to correctly pronounce your name!
    2. For $10 I think it should be longer than 6 months.
    3. Is it tax deductible?
    4. Maybe there oughtta be some kind of, well, rules as far as those sponsorships are concerned. Some are nauseatingly sappy, some are a bit rude. Perhaps a character limit? And pass on the photos of people making out…post those at some other site, eh? I’m not a prude but somehow at this kind of website, I expect a bit more…hmmm…what is the right word…let me go back there and sponsor the word “sophistication.”

  3. it’s too bad that you recommend: “you can sponsor a beautiful word like hyperventilation or miniscule.”

    I know that you Americans use the ugly word aluminum when you refer to the atomic number 13 aluminium, but the use of miniscule for minuscule is unforgivable.

    still learning, egorbrandt

  4. You just made a copywriter in Argentina very happy. Loving the OEtyD (and managing to waste away time Friday morning playing with it!)

    Cheers, thanks!

  5. What a cool thing to do!

    It will take me hours to select the perfect word to sponsor. Hmmm.

    Maybe I’ll sponsor “undecided,” or “ambivalent,” or “irresolute,” or ….

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