Word of the Day: Lexicon

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Lexicon (lĕk’sĭ-kŏn’) is a dictionary or vocabulary. It contains the words and expressions of a language. It can also refer to the collection of terms used in a particular profession or field (e.g., the lexicon of philosophy).

She winced at his response of such a gratuitous “Wow”: it said little for his seizure of her meaning and even less for his lexicon. (The Well-Tempered Sentence by Karen Elizabeth Gordon)

“You are my darling, my d-a-r-l-i-n-g,” said the spelling master to his rapt and evasive pupil as he opened her eyes to a whole lexicon of shame. (The Well-Tempered Sentence by Karen Elizabeth Gordon)

Quotations suggested by our reader Ben.

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2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Lexicon”

  1. Umm, those examples might be considered well-tempered (dropped into the water in a shallow well, until they were chilled of the heat of forging, solidifying the internal crystalline structure into a harder form?), but dang they feel clumsy.

    Seizure of her meaning sounds more like a stroke than a sudden understanding. Etc.

  2. @Brad K, I believe the sentences have quite sophisticated structures, but I also think they illustrate well the meaning of the word.

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