Word of the Day: Bombast

By Maeve Maddox

Bombast (bŏm’băst’) means loud-mouthed, inflated speech. Bombast was cotton stuffing used to pad some types of clothing. The adjective is bombastic.

No, really – rent it [V or Vendetta] tonight, adjust your mental filter so you’re expecting a parody of bombastic posturing guff, and I guarantee you’ll be roaring with laughter at least eight times. (The Guardian)

“300” is about as violent as “Apocalypto” and twice as stupid. Adapted from a graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, it offers up a bombastic spectacle of honor and betrayal, rendered in images that might have been airbrushed onto a customized van sometime in the late 1970s. (NY Times)

5 Responses to “Word of the Day: Bombast”

  • Maeve

    I just looked up the lyrics. I think the word is being used mostly because it rhymes with “fantastic.”

  • Bianca

    This reminds me of that song by shaggy, Mr. Bombastic… truly fantastic lol – I wonder what meaning he was refrring to in his song?

  • Maeve

    I’m not sure if you mean the bombastic style you sometimes encounter in magazines, or the word “bombast” as a choice for Word of the Day.

    So far all the words I’ve written about for WOD are words I’ve seen in newspaper articles.

  • nicholas

    I had confronted such a word- extravaganza- in a Chinese magazine where it talks about the Olympic Game to be held in China around the corner.

    In my opinion, this kind of words are really beyond our common usage of the vocabulary, but it do convey something in a different way and concise to be understood.

  • John Hewitt

    I generally hear bombast when it is used in the political arena. It is nice to see that entertainment has plenty of room for the term as well.

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