Word of the Day: Betoken

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Betoken is a verb which means to indicate by signs or tokens. It can also mean to presage.

Yet remember: this was the policy for peace. It is an awful flop. It does not betoken strength. Any weakling can call in the generals and then turn ashen as the options drain away. (Guardian)

Companies with obligations that mature by 2012 are issuing a flood of new bonds. Does this betoken pessimism about recovery or wise management? (Business Week)

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1 thought on “Word of the Day: Betoken”

  1. Thanks a lot for this daily feed. I find it informative and enriching.

    In the Philippines, “AV” to mean Avenue is popularly used it has come to a high degree of acceptability among Filipinos. I am sure though the purists would disagree.

    This is true in the informal more than the formal context. Newscasters or DJs on radio and newsreaders on television or cable love saying the word “AV” instead of avenue which makes them sound hip or current, for example, “Quezon Av” instead of “Quezon Avenue,” one of Quezon City’s major thoroughfares.

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