Word of the Day: Befuddle

By Daniel Scocco

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Befuddle (bĭ-fŭd’l) is a verb that means to confuse or to perplex. It can also refer to confusion coming from alcoholic drinks.

This week the befuddled looks of farmers as Mr Roh’s presidential cavalcade swept up the highway to Pyongyang suggested that Mr Kim had not let all his compatriots in on the historic moment, one for which Mr Roh has begged for years. (The Economist)

Gov. Hill’s organ, the Albany Times, prints to-night an editorial designed to befuddle the Democrats who are trying to solve the problem connected with the Gubernatorial nomination. (NY Times)

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2 Responses to “Word of the Day: Befuddle”

  • smarty_o1

    am grateful to be introduced to this wonderful site.

    just the one i always dreamed about.
    today i was going through the ‘word of the day’ section.

    the word ‘Synergy’ caught my attentioon, a word which was always elusive to me. there is an editing error. please replace ‘would’ with ‘without’ in the first line of the text.

    if some one can explain lucidly the words ‘ontology’, ‘epistemology’ and ‘metaphysics’!

    thanks once again.

  • smarty_o1

    i should have posted my above comments on ‘synergy’.
    clicked the wrong word.

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