Word of the Day: Aura

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Aura [ôr’ə] is a noun, and it refers to an invisible, subtle breath or emanation, like the aroma of the flowers. It can also be used to indicate the atmosphere or intangible quality surrounding a thing or person. The plural can be written as auras or aurae.

Carlyle says Mr. Bush does not do fund-raising for the firm — he makes speeches to potential Carlyle investors while Carlyle executives make the actual pitch for cash. Still, even the aura of the presidency has not overcome a sluggish Japanese economy. (NY Times)

Most documentaries stick with interviews of living people. But since this one’s about New York’s Chelsea Hotel and its rock ‘n’ roll aura, it seems natural that the ghosts of Janis Joplin and Sid Vicious turn up. (USA Today)

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1 thought on “Word of the Day: Aura”

  1. Thanks Daniel for the post !!! Here comes a brainer teaser for you…..

    In my last company, there was this culture of addressing an unknown person / or person whose name your don’t know as -“BOSS”. Everyone was being called with the same connotation without giving any consideration to position, seniority, age , gender or experience. It was ingrained, adopted and was working very well in topical environment.

    But somewhere in their heart associates wanted to have a better word as you can’t call anyone and everyone as “BOSS”.

    Suggestions started pouring in for the words like “pal” , “companion”,” comrade” , “sir” etc. But none of these were better alternatives.

    May be through you I would like to ask this forum if they know any such word which:

    – Shows respect to individual
    – Should be formal
    – Can we used with people whom you know by face but not by name
    – Shouldn’t denote bias (implicitly or explicitly) toward any gender, age, position, designation etc.

    Thanks for your help.


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