Vocabulary Test 2 Answers

1. Befuddle means:
Answer: to confuse

2. Teraflop is a unit to measure the:
Answer: speed of a computer system

3. The Gothic architectural style was present in ___________________ until the 15th century.
Answer: Western Europe

4. When you trudge, you walk:
Answer: slowly

5. Lara was an effusive teenager. She always expressed her emotions ____________ .
Answer: excessively

6. Flabbergast means to overwhelm with:
Answer: wonder

7. I couldn’t understand the problem, it was really _______ .
Answer: fuzzy

8. A stigma is a mark of:
Answer: infamy

9. Anachronism is:
Answer: the placing of a person or thing out of its historical time

10. A knack is:
Answer: a specific talent or ability.

11. She could have used an __________ . There was no need to offend the audience.
Answer: euphemism

12. Under the Marxist theory, Bourgeois is an adjective that refers to:
Answer: people that own property

13. Avatar is:
Answer: a deity that has taken an earthly form

14. Boggle means:
Answer: to hesitate

15. Mary was such a bromide. I never met someone as ______ as her.
Answer: dull

16. The resemblance was:
Answer: uncanny

17. A dystopia is:
Answer: a place where people live in misery

18. Bombast is:
Answer: an extravagant speech

19. Zeitgeist is a German term that refers to:
Answer: the trends and characteristics of a period

20. Daunt means:
Answer: to intimidate